Amanda Blake Death Of AIDS And More Info

According to her doctor, Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty on the enduring television series “Gunsmoke,” didn’t pass away from cancer as a hospital and her friends initially claimed, but rather from problems related to AIDS. Lou Nishimura, a Sacramento internist, confirmed on Monday that Miss Blake, who passed away on August 16 at the age of 60, had throat cancer. But he went on to say, “That wasn’t the reason she died.”

Dr. Nishimura said after Sacramento television station KRBK reported that Miss Blake’s acquaintances now believe that her death was caused by AIDS. Sacramento was Miss Blake’s lifelong home. She had been exhibiting AIDS symptoms for about a year, he claimed, but he was unsure of how she had contracted the illness. Mark Spaeth, a developer and Austin, Texas, City Councilman, was Miss Blake’s fifth spouse and passed away from pneumonia in 1985 at the age of 45.

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They got hitched in April 1984 and got divorced soon after. Cancer was listed as the cause of death in a statement released by Mercy General Hospital and Miss Blake’s friends after her passing. However, Miss Blake’s death certificate cited cardiac arrest brought on by liver failure and CMV hepatitis as the direct cause of death. According to Dr. Nishimura, CMV, or cytomegalovirus, hepatitis is connected to AIDS.

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