An Entire Family Was the Target of a Mass Shooting in California

An Entire Family Was the Target of a Mass Shooting in California

An Entire Family Was the Target of a Mass Shooting in California: After two mass shootings in California that targeted members of their community left 18 people dead, Asian Americans were in shock on Tuesday.

The alleged shooters in both incidents were older men of Asian heritage. The murders occurred within 48 hours, so close together that California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke with victims of the first attack in a hospital when he was called aside to learn of the second.

In Half Moon Bay on Tuesday, a visibly angry Newsom told reporters, “It is said all the time: only in America.” In America only. Top spot for gun ownership. In terms of firearm fatalities. It’s not even tricky, he declared.

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Why do we let these combat weapons and high-capacity magazines go free on the sidewalks and streets? Three people were killed inside a convenience store in Washington State overnight in another shooting that authorities claimed looked to be random.

President Joe Biden renewed calls for Congress to swiftly enact an assault weapons ban in response to the violence. On Monday, senators reintroduced a federal assault weapon prohibition and legislation raising the assault weapon purchase age to 21.

In response to the shootings, Vice President Kamala Harris will be sent to California, according to Biden. He remarked, referring to the atrocities as “devastating,” “Our sympathies are with the people of California.”

The two occurrences which stood out among the epidemic of mass shootings in America both for the group affected — gun violence is typically perceived as rare among Asians and Asian Americans — and the age of the suspects, 67 and 72, were still under investigation.

According to the nonpartisan Violence Project, from 1966 to 2020, 79 percent of mass murderers were under 45. It claims that just 6.4% of mass murderers at the time were Asian. The bloodshed on Monday happened at two farms in Half Moon Bay, a small coastal town south of San Francisco.

Chunli Zhao, a 67-year-old resident of Half Moon Bay, was apprehended, according to San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus, who also reported that five males and two women, who were a mix of Hispanic and Asian, were killed. It had been discovered as a semi-automatic handgun.

According to her, the only known connection between the victims and the suspect is that they might have worked together. “All information indicates that this was an act of workplace violence.” According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Zhao had a restraining order against him because of violent behavior on the part of a former coworker.

When the two were coworkers at a restaurant in San Jose in 2013, Jingjiu Wang wrote, “Mr. Zhao said to me, today I am going to kill you.” He started suffocating me by covering my face with a pillow after that.

On Tuesday, the little town of Half Moon Bay was still processing the horrific shooting. Residents gathered in the neighborhood church to express their sorrow as a Buddhist monk struck a singing bowl once for each of the seven victims who had been shot and killed.

Aily Li, whose family operates the China House restaurant, told AFP that the incident was tragic and unfortunate during the New Year. According to Sophie Li, who works at Shiki Japanese Cuisine in the community, guns are terrifying.

“Without a weapon, we only quarrel. However, she explained that having a gun gives you greater power, and something will eventually happen. “When dealing with gun-wielding individuals, you never know what will transpire. People were wounded, right?”


Detectives in southern California were still looking into what prompted Huu Can Tran, 72, to fire and kill 11 people celebrating the Lunar New Year on Saturday night at a suburban dance hall when that tragedy occurred.

Robert Luna, the sheriff for Los Angeles County, claimed Tran, who had been detained for illegally possessing a pistol decades previously, fired 42 shots during the attack in Monterey Park. He asked, “What made a crazy do this? Luna said that officers had been informed that Tran might have known some of his victims.

Uncertainty persisted regarding Tran. The New York Times quoted immigration records claiming he was a naturalized US citizen of Vietnamese descent; CNN stated that he had immigrated from China per the information on his marriage license.

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Tran was characterized as a vengeful recluse by a former buddy. “Two short phrases sum up the situation: He is someone to be distrusted. He is wary of others around him. Hate is the second word. According to the Los Angeles Times, “He disliked anyone around him, especially if he sensed someone was doing something nasty to him.”

He frequently declared, “Someday, I’ll pay you back, make amends, and exact retribution. The man stated, “I believe his life was so horrible and desperate that he decided to end it that day, and in the meantime, he wanted to get those he didn’t like or hate to go with him.