Anna Stanley Obituary

Anna Stanley Obituary – What Was the Reason She Dἰed?

Anna Johnson Stanley, the mother of Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley Brodersen, ded on November 10, 2014, surrounded by her family and friends. At the time of her deth, she was 83 years old. We don’t know what caused her deth just yet.

In addition to her two sisters, Elizabeth Sawrey and Dorothy Hulett, Anna is survived by her son Andy, his wife Sandra, her daughter Becky, her six grandkids, Andrew, Garrett, Allie, Jonathan, Annie, and Matthew, one great-grandchild, William and her daughter Becky.

Anna Margaret Johnson was born in North Carolina on October 9, 1931. She was born in Smithfield. Anna studied art at the Richmond Professional Institute in Richmond, Virginia, while she taught at George Mueller Christian School in Miami, Florida.

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She served with her husband, Dr. Charles F. Stanley, in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. Anna was a good musician and taught the Bible. She stayed involved in religious events until her health stopped her from doing so much.

When she married Charles Stanley, she became well-known. The person she was married to was the head pastor at the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The pair had problems in their marriage, and they split up in 2000.

When the couple’s divorce was finalized in 2000, after more than 40 years of marriage, it got a lot of public attention. In Southern Baptist circles, where divorce is highly forbidden by the Bible, the news of their split was not well received.

They did everything they could to get back together, like going to licensed therapists and doctors for marriage therapy, but nothing worked.

What was Anna Stanley’s cause of deth? Anna Stanley, who was 83, ded in November 2014 of a disease that no one knew what caused. After they got divorced, she and Charles rarely talked to each other.

No one knows for sure what caused him to de. Even now, twenty years later, people still talk a lot about the debate surrounding Charles Stanley’s divorce. The religious fanatic works hard to serve his church while keeping quiet about his marriage problems.

Anna Stanley had a memorial service on November 13, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. at North Point Community Church, 4350 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, Georgia.