Anne Heche In Coma Following Car Crash

According to a representative for the actor, Anne Heche’s condition has not improved since her car struck a Los Angeles residence on Friday. Heche is represented by Michael McConnell of Los Angeles talent agency Zero Gravity Management, who on Monday confirmed to Reuters that the actor was still in a vegetative state and hooked up to a breathing machine.

Heche, 53, has “significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention,” McConnell added in his statement to the media outlet. After the accident, initial reports indicated that the actor was in “stable” condition; however, according to her spokesperson, Heche passed out once the ambulance arrived.

Before colliding with a one-story house on Friday, Heche was seen driving a blue Mini Cooper Clubman at high speeds through Los Angeles. A woman was seen struggling to sit up on a stretcher as firefighters tried to get her into an ambulance as the badly burned and damaged car was being towed out of the house. No other injuries were mentioned, and no one has been taken into custody.

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According to a statement from the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), it took 59 firefighters approximately 65 minutes to put out the “stubborn flames.” Heche had earlier collided with a nearby apartment building’s garage and fled the scene, according to the celebrity news website TMZ. According to LAPD Officer Annie Hernandez, she is currently being investigated for misdemeanour DUI and hit-and-run, CNN reported on Monday.

On the day of the accident, police obtained a warrant to take a blood sample from Heche, but CNN reported that they are still awaiting the results. Due to her injuries, Heche has been unable to meet with the investigators. The house that Heche’s car hit was destroyed and given a red flag by the LAFD, meaning it was unfit for human habitation.

Lynne Mishele, a resident, was at home during the collision and she was unharmed. In order to “help Lynne start over,” a GoFundMe page was created for her. The $100,000 target on GoFundMe has been surpassed by more than $10,000. Heche, an Ohio native, initially gained notoriety from 1987 through 1991 on the NBC soap opera Another World. For the part, she was given a Daytime Emmy Award.

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