Are Nathan And Holly Still Together

Are Nathan And Holly Still Together?

On Netflix, there is a reality dating game show called “Too Hot to Handle.” The third season was made available in late January 2022. In each season, some conventionally gorgeous participants in their 20s dwell on a paradise island while attempting to avoid any sexual contact. They can win tens of thousands of dollars in prize money if they agree to desist from lustful behaviour. However, there hasn’t been a single season of the show where the participants’ libidos didn’t get the better of them.

In Season 3, Holly Scarfone (also known as #Nolly by fans on social media) and Nathan Mingomezulu were particularly obnoxious about having feelings for one another. Because the two couldn’t keep their hands off one another, the prize money pool nearly reached zero at one point throughout the season. Where are they now, then? Did this pair stick together, or did they break up as soon as the cameras stopped running, just like many other couples from reality TV before them?

Official reports claim that they are no longer a couple.

These two lovebirds didn’t last long after everything was said and done, based on what the show posted on Instagram. The two explain that it was difficult to maintain things as heated as they were on the programme because of the pandemic and Holly’s plans for higher study in the official Instagram update video.

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They talk about the state of their relationship on a Zoom call. However, at the same time, the video displayed the two former candidates chatting over one another, saying “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out” practically simultaneously, and gushing over one another.

However, some social media data shows there may be a bit more going on behind the scenes. The duo is shown cuddling in various, occasionally remote settings in Nathan’s Instagram posts. He was even complimented by Holly, who said, “Never get used to how tall you are,” and she said, “These photos are unique,” to which he replied, “can’t wait to make more ones.”

On the surface, they are still getting to know each other. Yet, numerous comments on those images and others on their Instagram profiles accuse them of fabricating their relationship for publicity. In any case, it’s generally a good bet to conclude that whatever is happening, their relationship’s status is “complex.”