Are Romain and Joanna Still Together

Are Romain and Joanna Still Together

Joanna and Romain dated for ten years. Do they still have a relationship? On Real Housewives of Miami, viewers favored them. Show viewers are curious if Joanna and Romain are still together. Continue reading to learn more about the program and Are Joanna and Romain Still Dating.

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Romain and Joanna

The Real Housewives of Miami has been on television for more than ten years. Before it took a break, the show enjoyed enormous popularity. One of the most adored couples on the show was Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago. After dating for six years, they got engaged. During the second season of the program, they became engaged, and the third season saw their marriage. Unfortunately, after getting married, they eventually got divorced. Ramian was the one who requested a divorce, according to Joanna, who claimed this in a later interview.

Are Joanna and Romain still a couple?

Romain and Joanna are no longer dating. In December 2016, Romain filed for divorce from his wife. In July 2017, the couple jointly filed for divorce. It was the worst Christmas possible, according to Joanna, who admitted to crying many nights over it.

I felt as like everything in my life had been flipped upside down, and I was unable to see any relief. I sobbed. Unable to eat. I think I shed around seven pounds. In a few weeks, the couple reached a divorce settlement, after which they parted ways.

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Judith Krupa

Joanna claimed that their busy schedules prevented them from spending quality time together, which was a major contributing factor to their divorce. He had desired a family, but I had prioritized my career and traveled frequently. I’ve come to realize that we were both miserable as time went on. Joanna and Romain continue to communicate frequently and have a fantastic friendship. After all, they were partners for ten years. Douglas Nunes and Joanna are now wed, and Asha Leigh Nunes is their daughter.

Rafael Zago

It was Romain who made the divorce request. On what transpired, he hasn’t spoken much. Along with moving on, he now has a wife named Carolina Delago. He gushed over her on Instagram and expressed his happiness with her, writing, “SHE SAID YES!!! Carolina asked me if Mynt was open on a Thursday night just over a year ago.

I probably would have messed everything up [sic] if I had realized she was going to be so gorgeous, attractive, and charming, ready to hunt me like a trophy, ready to make me happy, and ready to bring me 180 flowers after our first week together. Unfortunately, because of the distance between them, they split after a year of marriage.

Miami’s Real Housewives

The seventh season of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise features the American reality television program The Real Housewives of Miami. The personal and professional lives of women who reside in Miami, Florida, are the main subjects of the program. The initial run of the program lasted three years. After a break, a fourth season was produced. This program has 50 episodes spread across its four seasons. The average length of an episode is 42 minutes.