Arielle Charnas Divorce Rumors After Wedding Ring

Arielle Charnas Divorce: Rumors After Wedding Ring

Arielle Charnas Divorce: The couple is speaking out after this week’s suspicions about the finances of Something Navy and the marriage of its founder Arielle Charnas and her husband Brandon surfaced on Reddit message boards and the Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi.

The CEO of Something Navy, Matthew Scanlan, told Women’s Wear Daily that the allegations of embezzlement are “categorically incorrect.” “Bank accounts for the business are not accessible to Brandon Charnas. He has no access points and is not a firm employee.”

His real estate company has refuted any claims of financial misconduct. “A co-founder of Current Real Estate is Brandon Charnas. No theft has occurred at Current Real Estate “a spokesperson informed WWD.

According to a spokesperson for Arielle, there are no plans to divorce Brandon Charnas “This is untrue. They are in love and have a happy marriage.” Three girls were born to the Charnases after their 2014 wedding.

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Arielle Charnas, who has 1.3 million Instagram followers, has disabled comments on her postings as a result of the online rumors. As of this writing, her most current photo is of her holding a coffee in a traditional OOTD while walking around the streets of New York City (outfit of the day post). “,” her spouse remarked.

The couple has previously faced more intense media attention. According to reports, Arielle chose to live alone in the Hamptons during the early phases of the COVID-19 epidemic, defying warnings to shelter in place. In a statement she shared on Instagram, it was revealed that they were isolated at their New York City home for 14 days.

She claimed that following multiple doctor consultations and their approval, we decided to leave the city. We decided to leave once we had adequately tracked our symptoms and found that a) we hadn’t had a fever for at least 72 hours, b) all of our symptoms had subsided, and c) at least seven days had gone by since our symptoms had first emerged.

In particular, she remarked, when a scenario like this is rapidly developing, we all make mistakes, including me. For appearing to not take this issue seriously, my family and I deeply apologize to anyone we may have upset. We are committed to making judgments based on correct information moving forward.

Before becoming independent in 2020, Charnas’ brand Something Navy had its premiere with Nordstrom. The company, according to WWD, has four shops. Investors who have supported it include Beliead Ventures, L Catterton, Vanterra Capital, Box Group, Jenny Fleiss, Silas Capital, Third Kind Venture Capital, SWAT Equity, Black Jays Ventures, and The Seed Lab.

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Arielle Charnas has been spotted without her wedding band, but she has refuted claims that her relationship with Brandon Charnas is over because he is thought to have stolen money from her lifestyle business.