Armie Hammer Responds To Concierge Rumors

If you’re on vacation and looking for recommendations for restaurants or activities, don’t call Armie Hammer by his name. On July 6, author and producer Muna Mire posted a picture of a flyer from Morritt’s Resort in the Grand Cayman Islands on Twitter. The flyer claimed that Hammer was employed by the resort as a concierge. Hammer served as her friend’s friend’s parents’ personal concierge during their trip, according to Mire’s tweet. It transpires that it was merely a simple joke.

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The Cut claims that a resort staffer who is friendly with Hammer created the practical joke. Christopher Butcher, the sales manager at Morritt, told the newspaper that Armie plays golf with one of his employees. He visited for the day to see our activities. The two “were fooling about” while he was there and decided to distribute a flier using Hammer’s image “to see if he would get more people coming in.” Even though it was only a practical joke on hotel guests, Morritt’s Resort is reaping the benefits in spades because they had more enquiries about Hammer’s employment than they had ever had in a single day. A spokesman of the resort told Entertainment Weekly, “You can’t buy this PR.”

Since March 2021, when accusations of sexual assault against Hammer were published anonymously by the Instagram account “House of Effie,” Hammer has maintained a low profile. In a news conference held later that month, a lady by the name of Effie accused the actor of abusing her sexually and physically for four years. Hammer’s attorney responded by claiming that his sex with other people was “fully consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participating.” He was thus fired from a number of endeavours, including a Broadway production of The Minutes.

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