As a Court Date Approaches, Kari Lake Will Serve as the Rally's Host

As a Court Date Approaches, Kari Lake Will Serve as the Rally’s Host

Before a crucial court session to evaluate her accusations that the 2022 election was marred by voter fraud, failed Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is preparing to conduct a “Save Arizona Rally.” By more than 17,000 votes, Democrat Katie Hobbs defeated Lake in the election to become Arizona’s 24th governor. Since she took office on January 2, Hobbs has been in the role.

The Republican, however, has not conceded the decision and is hoping that her rally later today (January 29) will support her legal actions to nullify the verdict. The assertion made by Lake that printing problems with voting machines in Maricopa County “disenfranchised” people there has been vigorously refuted by her critics.

Since Maricopa County is home to more than 60% of the state’s population, according to the 2020 Census, it was a crucial area in the election. The Save Arizona Rally would place, Lake said in a tweet earlier this week. The initial post, which featured Lake as the lone political person, elicited a range of reactions from social media users, with some making fun of it and others endorsing the occasion.

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Where And When Is The Save Arizona Rally Being Held?

The event will start at six o’clock at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale, a part of the Phoenix metropolitan region. In addition to Lake, the event will also feature Arizona Republican Chairman Jeff DeWitt, who was just elected and was endorsed by Donald Trump. DeWitt has also echoed the former president’s unsubstantiated accusations that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election.

A few days before Lake’s accusations that the November 2022 election was seriously defective are heard by the Arizona Court of Appeals, a rally is being held. In November, Lake launched a civil lawsuit against Hobbs and other local election officials. In December, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed her allegations of electoral fraud.

Previously, Thompson stated: “Every witness who testified in front of the court denied having any firsthand knowledge of the misconduct. Instead of strong, conclusive proof, the court cannot accept speculative or hypothetical arguments.” Although Lake was sure she would win in November, electoral analysts have explained how she might have lost.

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According to a three auditors’ study of the governor’s race, which was shared with The Arizona Republic, Lake lost because 33,000 nominally Republican-leaning voters flipped to Hobbs. One of the report’s writers, Benny White, said: “Just now, Lake ran a disastrous campaign. It is ineffective to refer to Republicans as “RINOs” (Republicans in name only).”


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