At Least 9 Injured In Shooting Outside Philadelphia Bar

At Least 9 Injured In Shooting Outside Philadelphia Bar

Police said a mass shooting occurred Saturday night in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighbourhood, injuring at least nine individuals. Inspector D.F. Pace of the Philadelphia Police Department claimed there were likely more victims than the initial nine and that the victims were shot close to Kensington and Allegheny avenues.

According to Deputy Police Commissioner John Stanford, two people are in critical condition, and seven others are in stable condition. According to Pace, the shooting occurred outside a local bar at about 10:45 p.m. After firing on a gathering on the sidewalk, the assailants returned to their black car and fled, according to Stanford.

He mentioned that there were police officers nearby who heard the gunfire. “Our men and women are out here patrolling as they should be, but some cheeky people in this city don’t seem to care. Some of them don’t care how many people are here, while others don’t care how many police officers are present, “According to the deputy police commissioner.

Police could not make an arrest or pinpoint a motive right away. Amen Brown, a Democratic state representative for West Philadelphia, told NBC10 that he received a call “from the chief” and immediately got out of bed to get to the gunshot scene.

Brown blamed Mayor Jim Kenney, the office of District Attorney Larry Krasner, and “weak City Council members” for the gun violence in the city. Every day, innocent women and children perish, which has to end. “According to Brown, finding answers will only be possible if lawmakers collaborate across party lines.

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At least 447 homicides had been reported in the city as of Saturday night, according to the PPD. A count kept by the city controller’s office, which was most recently updated on November 3, indicates that at least 417 of those murders involved firearms.