Attack at Central Paris Railway Station Injures Six

At Least Six Injured in Attack at Key Paris Railway Station

At Least Six Injured in Attack at Key Paris Railway Station: One of the main rail hubs in the French capital’s Gare du Nord was closed early on Wednesday due to an attack that left at least six persons hurt. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin stated that a person started attacking people at 6:42 a.m. local time and was neutralized a minute later. According to Darmanin, the person was disarmed by border police and off-duty police officers who were returning home.

Darmanin stated that the attacker created the weapon himself. According to early reports from Paris police, the knife attacks began around 6:45 a.m. local time. A security guard employed by the rail company SNCF was among the police officers who opened fire, according to the police. The accused attacker was hurt as a result of multiple rounds being fired.

Six persons, including a member of the French border police, were hurt, according to a representative for the Paris prosecutor’s office. The status of one of the injured is critical. According to the spokesman, the suspect is also in critical condition.

According to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, there is no indication as to why the knife attack occurred. Although it has not yet taken the case, the French Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office stated that it is “considering the facts” about the attack. The office said that because the alleged attacker was hurt, it might take longer to determine the case’s facts.

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A short time after the attack on Wednesday morning, Darmanin arrived at Gare du Nord. Before being “immediately neutralized,” the suspected assailant allegedly hurt several individuals, according to what he earlier stated on Twitter.

Darmanin wrote, “Grateful to the police for their effective and gutsy response. One woman, known only as Lili, who observed the attack and assisted injured victims was interviewed by CNN station BFMTV. She said, “This morning, my friends and I were leaving for vacation, and we were at the entrance of the station when we heard people yelling.

“When we looked down, we spotted two people. Both were striking each other. The attacker brandished his weapon as people attempted to pull them apart. People started shouting “knife!” and started to flee. I assisted the first victim who had been assaulted and had the sense that the assailant was attacking anyone who approached him or attempted to overcome him.

“I assisted the victim who had been assaulted and was reeling from the trauma. We heard the gunfire as soon as I took them to the police and immediately looked for my friends. The armed forces reacted to the attack quite fast. Even though it seemed to take an eternity to me, it was only five minutes long.

“What we see has surprised us all. Only two meters separated us. We were so close to each other that it may have been one of us. It is quite traumatic. Several hundred people congregated in the Gare Du Nord station’s main concourse after the incident, many of whom were waiting for information regarding trains.

According to the sourcing team, some intercity train platforms were inaccessible because of the security perimeter that surrounded a sizable chunk of the station’s main concourse. Following a lengthy closure, access to the Eurostar terminal has since been restored.

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Police personnel could be seen gathering evidence in paper bags while the attack scene was hidden from view by police screens. After several years of increased anxiety in the wake of terror attacks, Parisians had started to de-escalate, but Wednesday’s event, which is currently not being probed as a terror-related incident by French police, is the second in two months.

Three Kurdish activists were shot and killed in the north of Paris in December by a guy who at the time was under investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office for racial violence. However, there was a peaceful vibe at Gare du Nord Wednesday at lunchtime, and travelers appeared optimistic about making their trains.