'Atlanta' Recap For Series Finale

‘Atlanta’ Recap For Series Finale

It’s only natural that Thursday’s series finale of FX’s Atlanta left us feeling as if we were imprisoned within a bizarre (and amusing) dream because the show has taken great pleasure in playing with our heads for the past four seasons.

Al and Earn are getting ready to go to a restaurant while Darius is relaxing on the couch watching Judge Judy. Despite being invited to join them, Darius declines, claiming he has a “dep date,” or a scheduled appointment to float around in a sensory deprivation tank. He says in wonder, “It’s like being in the womb again.

Al actually just wants to go to the Popeyes across the street, but Earn and Al goes out to dine at a sushi restaurant run by Black people to support their community. Additionally, he observes that the Blockbuster sign from when the sushi restaurant was a Blockbuster is still posted outside.

Darius picks up a prescription for a friend while on his way to the deprivation tank and ends up speaking with a woman who has also spent time in the tank but left because the hallucinations got too strong and she couldn’t distinguish what was real. However, Darius has a method for grounding himself: He checks a TV to see if Judge Judy is, uh, more curvy than usual. “I know I’m in the tank if I see her and she’s thick.”

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Al continues to watch Popeyes as Van joins him and Earn at the sushi restaurant. Her friend is an investor. Sincerely, Van feels the same way. She promises him, “We’ll go after. I promise.” When Darius meets an old acquaintance named London while going to the deprivation tank location, she offers to give him a ride in her car.

She offers him some marijuana and says, “I’ve been macro-dosing all day,” while sipping vodka from a water bottle. She tries to get sober up after being pulled over by the police and chugs the entire bottle to show the officer that it is water (!). Did he really just ask her how many seasons of Homeboys in Outer Space were there? The cop makes her go outside for a sobriety test, which she appears to pass, but she then snatches the officer’s gun and flees in her car, hitting a child on a bike along the way.

She flees, blaming Darius, who later realises it was all an illusion brought on by the sensory deprivation tank after waking up there. After taking a break in the tea room, he grabs another customer by the shoulders and screams, “Wake up!” in her direction. Even though he protests, “I believed it was a dream,” he is immediately expelled for that.

Van and Al are both struggling to finish their sushi meals: “The rice has maize in it. I can’t.” Earn attempts to persuade them to give it a shot, but Al is finally convinced to leave after the waiter offers them some “hot white Hennessy.” Darius, meantime, visits his sick brother and brings him the prescription he purchased.

They have a heartfelt talk during which Darius admits he misses his brother. When does he turn to the TV, though? Judy the judge is dense! He awakens once more in the tank, where the worker informs him that he has been there for “30 minutes,” which causes him to awaken once more. Is this a true story? Al is about to leave the sushi restaurant when the server tries to give them poisonous blowfish cheek.

However, the restaurant’s adamant, the bow-tied owner stops him and laments that even though they are making everything according to the true Japanese tradition, everyone assumes it is dirty because they are Black. He reveals to Al that the legendary Popeyes chicken recipe was created by an Italian man, not a Black woman. He tells Al to try the blowfish and tells his employees to lock the doors: “The trouble with us is we don’t trust each other.

Fortunately, Darius rushes in just in time to save them. They were about to escape in a wild purple convertible with zebra-striped seat coverings when he arrived. (And he also procured Popeyes!) They laugh together at home while eating fast food and asking Darius where he acquired the car. He claims to have stolen it, but he is unconcerned about being charged because “I’m still in the tank.”

Earn tries to convince him that everything is genuine, but Darius is adamant: “Maybe it was all just a dream, and you were simply a part of it. There has always been. Darius watches the other three leave to smoke marijuana, laugh, and talk through a window before turning back to the TV to watch Judge Judy. But is she thick? What Darius sees is not what we see. He is only seen gazing at her while grinning.