Avatar Star Sam Worthington Reveals Alcohol Addiction

Avatar Star Sam Worthington Reveals Alcohol Addiction

Avatar Star Sam Worthington Reveals Alcohol Addiction: For the first time, Sam Worthington talked openly about his sobriety. The 46-year-old Avatar: The Way of Water actor revealed in a recent interview with Variety that he almost lost everything while secretly battling alcoholism.

“Nine out of 10 people couldn’t tell,” remembered Worthington, who has been clean for eight years. Although they couldn’t tell when they looked at me, they could smell it on me. Even if I didn’t think I was doing it well, I was still performing my job.

The Australian actor’s alcoholism developed simultaneously as he became famous. Before the 2009 debut of the first Avatar movie, Worthington was hardly known. Then, with a streak of blockbusters like Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans, he grudgingly transitioned into the leading man position. He was detained in 2014 after striking a photographer. Worthington claimed that the attention that came with his work never made him feel at ease.

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Worthington said, “I’d go crazy if someone asked me for a picture or took a picture of me. “If someone came up to me, my anxiousness would skyrocket,” Worthington promised to start drinking the next day. He would drink four or five glasses of Champagne before taking off.

The actor’s wife Lara, whom he married in 2014, took note. Worthington responded, “I couldn’t see it. “I believed that to be normal,” The actor who starred in Man on a Ledge continued. I used alcohol to get through the day.

Worthington connected his want to drink to Australian culture. It is ingrained in Australian society, according to Worthington. We don’t always discuss AA and other topics like that. You don’t understand that it’s a disease and that some individuals are built differently.”

Worthington said that he was an “emotional drunk” when asked if he was a mean drunk. The longer I drank, the more erratic and emotional I became. Although I don’t believe I was particularly harsh, he said, “I could be aggressive and irritable.

Worthington’s wife issued him with a deadline. Lara said I don’t need to be around this, but you may do whatever you want. Worthington saw that it was communicated to him lovingly rather than with resentment or disappointment. Currently, they have three boys.