Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Married And Latest Update

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Married And Latest Update

Finally married, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The couple’s legal marriage was registered on Saturday, according to a marriage licence seen in the Clark County, Nevada online records. Both of their legal names—Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez—are on the document. Notably, the documentation shows that Jennifer Lopez adopted Affleck as her official last name.

Later on Sunday afternoon, Lopez announced her marriage to Affleck in a new issue of her newsletter “On the JLo.” “We achieved!” Along with a black-and-white image of her holding a bouquet and Affleck kissing her cheek, Lopez wrote. According to Lopez, “Last night we went to Vegas and queued up for licences with four other couples who were also travelling to the world’s wedding capital.”

They “barely made it to the Little White Wedding chapel by midnight,” the singer continued, before sweetly exuberantly writing in the final line of her newsletter, “Stick around long enough and maybe you’ll find the best moment of your life in a drive through in Las Vegas at twelve thirty in the tunnel of love drive through, with your kids and the one you’ll spend forever with. Love is wonderful, perhaps the best of all things, and it’s worth waiting for. Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck was her signature on the letter.

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In April, word of Lopez and Affleck’s engagement initially surfaced. The singer and actress, who is wearing a green diamond engagement ring, posted a teary-eyed video for her fans on an episode of “On the JLo.” In a bubble bath, my gorgeous love dropped down on one knee and proposed to me on Saturday night, she said.

In the early 2000s, Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, were among the most well-known celebrity couples. Together, they produced two movies. The first was “Gigli,” which wasn’t exactly a box office smash in 2003. The pair had already declared their separation by the time Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl” debuted in theatres in 2004. Although they never had a legal wedding, the pair had been engaged for a long time.

But Lopez and Affleck got back together around a year ago, and they have appeared to be together ever since. While they were apart, Lopez wed the musician Marc Anthony in 2004 and later divorced him in 2014. In 2005, Affleck wed Jennifer Garner, an actress. 2018 saw the two’s divorce.

Affleck and Lopez both achieved success in their own fields: Affleck received an Oscar for directing the best picture winner “Argo,” and Lopez amassed wealth through music and movie acting. They were once again dating in the public eye a year ago, but they were not subject to the same level of scrutiny from the celebrity press, which has changed and become less critical since the turn of the century.