Biden Expects Democrats Will Win The Senate And Hold The House

Biden Expects Democrats Will Win The Senate And Hold The House

After visiting California on Friday, President Biden projected the Democrats would win a simple majority in the Senate and keep control of the House in the upcoming election.

He visited Carlsbad and was headed to Chicago when he said, “I haven’t been in all the House contests, but I think we’re going to keep the Senate and pick up a seat.” “I believe we can prevail in the House.”

The Senate comprises 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 Independents. There are three open seats in the House and 220 Democrats to 212 Republicans.

Given his dropping approval ratings and the fact that many Americans are worried about the economy, Biden’s comments go against what many think will be an intense night for Republicans.

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This time, we’re going to prevail, Biden assured. He has recently warned voters that Republicans will destroy the economy, increase inflation, and endanger democracy.

Republicans are turning out in more significant numbers than in the 2020 race, but they are still well behind Democrats, according to data on early voting trends.

According to data provided by the U.S. Election Project, 33.3% of early votes cast in states that disclose such data were released by Republicans registered to vote as of Wednesday. From 30.5% two years earlier, this is an increase.