Biden Meets Xi Jinping In Indonesia

Biden Meets Xi Jinping In Indonesia

When a White House pool TV journalist asked President Biden if he would discuss human rights during his upcoming meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Indonesia, he was assaulted and thrown off her feet by a man wearing a white mask with the Chinese flag on it.

According to a pool report from AFP’s Sebastian Smith on Monday, the man “instantly” proceeded to tug the producer “backwards by the backpack,” causing her to lose her equilibrium.

Two White House staff members intervened to tell the producer that she should be left alone after she had posed her question as the press was being hustled out of the room, according to the story.

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NBC News recognised the producer as Molly Nagle from ABC News. Nagle claimed that the man, “a member of the Chinese gang,” shouted at her as she was being pulled backward in a different pool report shared by the network. The Hill has contacted ABC News to learn more.

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The two world leaders first interacted in person when Biden met Xi in Bali, Indonesia, outside the Group of 20 summits. Critical issues in the U.S.-China relationship, including current tensions over Taiwan, global obstacles to solving climate change, and human rights concerns, were anticipated to be covered by the two.

The Chinese government’s persecution of Uyghurs and other primarily Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, China, has drawn criticism from 50 nations at the UN General Assembly, including the United States. Beijing’s activities in Xinjiang may be considered “crimes against humanity,” according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.