Blake Mycoskie Net Worth How Much Money Does He Make

Blake Mycoskie Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Blake Mycoskie Net Worth: As of March 2021, Blake Mycoskie, an American author, philanthropist, and businessman, had a net worth of $300 million. His most well-known accomplishments include founding TOMS Shoes, TOMS Roasting Co., and Madefor.

In addition to his successful businesses, Mycoskie has received numerous honors, including recognition as one of Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” in 2011 and ABC News “Person of the Week.” Here is some other intriguing information about the man who received the Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence in 2009;

Blake Mycoskie’s Net Worth?

Blake Mycoskie is an author, philanthropist, and businessman with a $300 million fortune. Most people know Blake as the creator of the Los Angeles-based business Toms. He gained notoriety after participating in “The Amazing Race’s” second competition season. Mycoskie co-founded the fitness subscription service Madefor and the cable network Reality Central, among other businesses.

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Blake Mycoskie’s Early Life and Education

Pam Mycoskie, a writer, and Mike Mycoskie, an orthopedic surgeon, welcomed their son Blake on August 26, 1976, in Arlington, Texas. He attended Arlington Martin High School in his teenage years before transferring to St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, where he eventually graduated in 1995. Mycoskie later attended Southern Methodist University on a part-tennis scholarship, majoring in business and philosophy.

His tennis career was cut short in his second year there due to an Achilles tendon injury. After leaving SMU, Mycoskie founded his first company, EZ Laundry, which gave the university its first on-campus dry cleaning service. As EZ Laundry continues to grow, the company now services two different institutions and employs over 40 employees. Later, in 1999, Mycoskie sold the company to his business partner.

Blake Mycoskie’s Career Beginnings

Mycoskie created Mycoskie Media after leaving SMU and relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. A billboard business that marketed country music as its primary focus quickly turned lucrative and was acquired by Clear Channel in less than a year.

Blake Mycoskie’s Watch “The Amazing Race”

Mycoskie and his sister Paige submitted applications to appear on the reality television competition series “Survivor” in 2001. But someone from the production staff of that program told them about “The Amazing Race,” a brand-new program.

The Mycoskies ultimately competed in the second season of that series in 2002 after deciding to pursue a team berth there instead. The two came in third place after Chris Luca and Alex Boylan, two devoted pals and separated couples, Tara and Will. Mycoskie then relocated to Los Angeles.

Blake Mycoskie’s Initial Los Angeles Businesses

Mycoskie and Larry Namer, the creator of E! Entertainment Television, co-founded the cable network Reality Central after coming to Los Angeles. The network debuted in 2003 and intended to broadcast original programming and reality show repeats. However, it only had a modest success and was shut down in 2005 after Rupert Murdoch introduced the Fox Reality Channel.

Mycoskie, who has been steadfast in his pursuit of entrepreneurship, later joined forces with the creators of to establish DriversEdDirect, an online driver’s education program that also offered driving instruction. Mycoskie founded the Closer Marketing Group, which specialized in viral marketing and brand building to advertise the service.

Blake Mycoskie’s Toms

When Mycoskie was on vacation in Argentina in 2006, he experienced an epiphany. He met a fellow American volunteering for an organization that gave shoes to children from low-income families. After spending many days traveling from village to village with the group, Mycoskie saw how the shoeless youngsters suffered from infections, blisters, and sores.

After his return to America, he established Shoes for Better Tomorrows, which first focused on selling footwear like the Argentinian Alpargata. Mycoskie is credited with developing the “one for one” model of social entrepreneurship through the business, which calls for donating one item for every one bought. Eventually, the name Shoes for Better Tomorrows was abbreviated to Toms, and in 2011, the company added spectacles to its lineup.

Every pair of sunglasses purchased led to giving prescription glasses or ocular medical care to individuals in need using the “one for one” principle. The Seva Foundation was hired to oversee the program’s implementation, beginning in Tibet, Nepal, and Cambodia. Toms now creates and sells coffee, purses, and clothing as well.

Mycoskie established Toms Roasting Co. in 2014, which offers coffee sourced through direct commerce from nations like Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, and Rwanda. By giving safe water to families in need in coffee-producing regions for each bag of coffee purchased, the company also employs the “one for one” approach. Additionally, in 2014, Mycoskie sold 50% of Toms to the private investment company Bain Capital. He then set aside half of the proceeds to establish a fund to support social entrepreneurship and other causes.

Blake Mycoskie’s Other Efforts

Among his other writings, Mycoskie wrote the 2011 book “Start Something That Matters.” The book emphasizes the benefits of social entrepreneurship and the “one-to-one” business model by drawing on the author’s experiences with Toms. Mycoskie gave a children’s book to a child in need for every copy of the book sold, and he also provided grants to aspiring businesspeople out of the earnings.

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In the business and advice sections of the New York Times, “Start Something That Matters” was a best-seller. Early in 2020, Mycoskie and Pat Dossett founded the wellness subscription service Madefor. The program delivers monthly hands-on kits encouraging beneficial lifestyle changes and assists participants in adopting long-lasting healthy habits.

Blake Mycoskie’s Personal Life

Mycoskie wed Heather Lang in 2012. Before getting divorced in 2020, the couple gave birth to a son named Summit and a daughter named Charlie. In addition, Mycoskie provides financial support to Wubetu Shimelash, a young Ethiopian kid. Mycoskie, an outdoor enthusiast, is well-known for his love of polo, surfing, golf, fly fishing, and other sports. At Urban Golf Performance, he invests.