Body found in Grand Prairie identified as Kayla Kelley

Body found in Grand Prairie identified as Kayla Kelley

Body found in Grand Prairie identified as Kayla Kelley: Tragically, the hunt for a Collin County lady who vanished a week ago is now over. The authorities have verified the identity of the woman whose body was discovered in Grand Prairie.

In a Grand Prairie wooded area on Wednesday afternoon, close to Kingswood Boulevard and Prairie Oak Boulevard, investigators came across the remains in a small grave. Sharon Brown went to the location on Thursday afternoon. She came bearing two balloons and flowers, one she claimed to have sent to Kelley.

She said, “From one sister to another sister, I wanted to let her know that she was not alone, that we will remember her, and we’re sending up flowers to heaven in her honor.

The cause of Kelley’s death was listed as pending by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner as of Thursday night. The 33-year-old woman’s body was discovered less than a mile from Ocastor Ferguson’s home. However, the authorities haven’t revealed what brought them to the Grand Prairie community.

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Ferguson is being detained in Collin County on allegations of kidnapping and arson, though he may be charged with more crimes. His current bail amount is $1 million.

“Charging decisions have not yet been made. Investigators and the Texas Rangers still need to gather more information. They will keep collaborating on this homicide inquiry, “Jim Skinner, the sheriff of Collin County, said.

Kelley’s friends initially reported her missing on January 11th. The extensive hunt for Kelley ended after his body was positively identified. According to court records, Ferguson and Kelley were dating at the time, and she had just recently learned that he was married and had used a false name. She allegedly threatened to reveal the affair to his wife.

On a county road in Frisco, investigators discovered Kelley’s burned-out automobile but no sign of Kelley. That is where Ferguson’s arson charge originates. They claimed to have proof that Ferguson was the final person to see her.

“Permit me to state that this is a true tragedy. We had anticipated a different result. Like her family, we were heartbroken when we discovered her body, “said Skinner.

PRIOR STORY: The man allegedly used a false name and lied about marriage when he was suspected of abducting a missing woman from Collin County. Law enforcement has stated that the investigation is far from over, even if they are unwilling to disclose many more aspects of the case.

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Although we had fervently hoped for a different result, Skinner expressed gratitude for the perseverance of his deputies and the Texas Rangers in locating Ms. Kelley. “Make no mistake, and we’ll seek justice if you kill a 33-year-old woman and bury her in a shallow grave.” The sheriff’s office has stated that more court records may reveal more information, some of which may surface if new charges are brought.