Brandon and Kelsie's catfish are still together

Brandon and Kelsie Catfish Still Together

Are Catfish Couples Still Together: Concerns concerning the well-liked reality television program Catfish: The TV Show, such as Are Any ‘Catfish The TV Show’ Couples Still Together’ and Are Catfish Couples Still Together became hot topics on the internet. People wanted to know if catfish couples were still together. Are Catfish Couples Still Together? and Are Any ‘Catfish The TV Show’ Couples Still Together? can be learned by reading the article through to the conclusion.

Catfish Couples: Still in a Relationship?

A well-known and well-liked reality-based documentary television series in America is called Catfish: The TV Show. The eighth season of the show is now airing. The 8th season, which debuted on January 8, 2020, is still in progress. There is a sizable fan base for the show. Are Catfish Couples Still Together? was a popular question among viewers of Catfish: The TV Show because it is a dating-themed program.

Are any of the couples from “Catfish the TV show” still together?

Are Catfish Couples Still Together? kind of queries. Are any of the couples from “Catfish the TV show” still together? become popular on the web. Are Any Couples from “Catfish the TV Show” Still Together? was a hot topic. In this piece, we’ll look at several well-known Catfish couples and see if they’re still together.

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Which Catfish Couples Still Have a Relationship?

1) Lauren and Derek

Lauren and Derek decided to separate even though they were viewed as a “genuine pair” on Catfish because Derek wasn’t lying about who he was. In 2014, they announced their amicable breakup to their followers. Derek has married someone else, while Lauren keeps a low profile on social media.

Kya and Alyx No. 2

When Kya and Alyx initially met on a vampire forum, they both catfished one another. After Kya acknowledged it, she started to think Alyx was also making up his identity. When Catfish stepped in, Alyx was ultimately revealed to be a transgender man by the name of Dani. However, they decided to stay together as a couple. Sadly, the couple split up after the event was recorded. After undergoing gender reassignment surgery, Dani has now finished his transformation, and Kya is happily engaged to another person. They are no longer in touch or exchanging messages.

No. 3 Justin and Artis

In one of the most well-known Catfish episodes ever, Artis and Justin got into a contentious disagreement after Artis discovered that the attractive female model he had been speaking to was a man by the name of Justin. Interestingly, despite their disagreement, Justin’s Twitter indicates that the two remain friends and even work together on YouTube videos.

Mike and Felicia (4)

Following their online encounter, these two grew close. Mike called the show so Nev and Max could have a chance to work things out after Felicia didn’t show up for their meeting. Mike only genuinely cared about Felicia’s name and outward appearance, both of which were true, even though she had been exposed for lying about other areas of her background. A few months after the show’s taping, Felicia stated on Twitter that the two had decided to be together. Felicia is single, and Mike is currently a resident of New Jersey.

Matt and Kim 5)

Despite spending more than ten years corresponding online, Kim and Matt have never really met. When Catfish showed up, it was evident that Matt had told the truth regarding his identification and had only been hesitant to meet in person because of his size. After the performance, the two remained close. Sadly, it never led to a romance. Even though they both currently have different relationships, Kim and Matt remain close friends. Additionally, since the show aired, Matt has lost almost 300 pounds.

Rico & Ja’mari (6)

When Rico learned that Ja’mari was a bus driver instead of the model he had claimed to be when they first met, he was astounded. James is the real name of Ja’mari. James loved them so much that even got a criminal record for stealing a bus. Despite their agreement to stay in touch after the program, they don’t appear to be dating right now, at least not according to their social media accounts. James hasn’t tweeted since 2015, and Rico is presently pursuing a modeling career.

7) Justin and Leah

Leah first connected with Justin when they first met on Instagram, but after two failed meet-up efforts, she grew weary of him. After meeting on Catfish, they decided to make their relationship work. Before Leah updated his followers on Twitter, everything looked good. Their friendship has remained the same, nevertheless.

8) Bre and Whitney

These two accomplished a first by being the first participants to catfish the entire show. Whitney was initially honest with Nev and Max about her doubts about Bre’s honesty as an online girlfriend. However, Nev and Max learned via their investigation that the pair was only playing for the show to receive free plane tickets to travel together.

Bre’s Twitter is currently hidden away, while Whitney has hardly any social media activity. Bre, though, gave a 10-second clue in a 2016 video that possibly their relationship didn’t work out. According to what we could locate, Whitney doesn’t appear to have any social media accounts.

9) Mike and Ashley

These two were the first “double catfish” to be featured on the show due to their shame over their weight. They both told each other lies about their names and pictures. They connected when they first met and decided to stick together. Unfortunately, Mike passed away unexpectedly one month after the episode aired from a pulmonary embolism. Mike and Ashley, according to Ashley, were “very much in love” at the time. Three years later, Ashley also left. A police official said it “may be related to a drug overdose” when it occurred.

The TV program Catfish (TV Series)

Catfish: The TV Show, also known simply as Catfish, is an American documentary series based on reality television. MTV was broadcasting it. It covers the reality and myths behind online dating. It was created using the 2010 film Catfish as inspiration. The 12th of November, 2012, saw its debut.

Currently, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford share hosting duties. The final episode co-hosted by Max Joseph for the first seven seasons aired on August 22, 2018. In the eighth season of the program, Crawford—who served as a frequent guest co-host during season 7—joined the main cast.