Brian Robinson Shooting Incident, Describes His Recovery

Brian Robinson Shooting Incident, Describes His Recovery

With the Commanders, Brian Robinson Jr. had a productive training camp and carried that momentum into the preseason. On 14 carries, the third-round rookie gained 57 yards and a touchdown, and it appeared that he would soon be given a big position in the team’s backfield rotation. On August 28, though, a catastrophe occurred that put Robinson’s livelihood in jeopardy.

When two adolescents tried to rob Robinson in Washington, D.C., Robinson was shot twice. Although it was swiftly established that Robinson’s injuries were not life-threatening, he was struck in the right glute and knee, and he couldn’t help but wonder how they might affect his playing career.


After the shooting on Wednesday, Robinson told reporters, “That was probably the lowest moment I’ve ever been in my life,” according to Yahoo Sports. Later he said, “My love for this game is so profound. “I never imagined myself in a position where I would have to wonder or be asked if I could return to playing football.”

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Robinson somehow avoided suffering serious wounds from the gunshots. He was particularly fortunate with the bullet that hit his knee because it passed through unharmed and managed to avoid damaging the bone or any nearby ligaments.

That implied that he would have the opportunity to play again sometime in the 2022 NFL season. And when that opportunity came up, Robinson understood where to put his attention. My mind quickly clicked to what I needed to do to get myself back on the football field once the doctors assured me I’d be able to play ball again, he claimed.

Robinson, therefore, put a lot of effort into getting back onto the field. And just 37 days after the incident, on Wednesday, Oct. 6, he was able to return to practise and take part in drills. Robinson was seen dancing between reps, seeming ecstatic to be back on the field.

 He also appeared to be moving well, and he said during his Wednesday media appearance that his first practice return had exceeded his expectations.

Robinson’s performance on Wednesday was praised by Washington coach Ron Rivera, who added that the team is still being cautious when it comes to Robinson’s return. How a person acts the next day is always a good predictor of when he has had his first meaningful workout, according to Rivera. “And we’ll see whether there’s any dropoff if he practises again like he did today.”

Robinson’s participation in Washington’s Week 5 game against the Titans is therefore uncertain. In any case, Robinson is fortunate to have a chance to play as early as Week 5. He stated the circumstance was “by far the worst I’ve ever dealt with,” but he proved to himself that he could get through it. I had to be stronger than what I was up against, and this is simply another instance of that, he said.