Britney Spears Text Messages Mother Mental Health Facility 2019

During a 2019 stint at a mental health facility, Britney Spears allegedly shared a text message with her mother Lynne. According to BuzzFeed News, Spears stated in the since-deleted post that “It’s a bit different with proof.” “These are the texts I sent my mom at that time, three years ago. I display it because nobody responded. Additionally, Britney shared conversations with “Jansen,” a “friend from home,” and Sam Ingham, her former court-appointed attorney.

The singer says in a court filing acquired by The New York Times that she was forced to stay at a mental health facility in 2019. The court documents were part of Spears’ earlier attempts to end her conservatorship. It’s not clear if that occurrence corresponds with the one mentioned in the texts she sent to her mother. These claimed texts from Britney to Lynne seem to challenge the Seroquel dosage, an antipsychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, another medication that can be administered to treat mania, one aspect of bipolar disorder, is lithium. She claims that Seroquel is “WAAAAAY Stronger than Lithium.”

Spears stated, “I literally feel all the terrible medicine in my stomach. I feel like he’s trying to kill me. Britney previously testified in court that she “felt drunk” and “couldn’t even have a conversation with my mom or dad” after being made to take lithium. “Jansen” was “supposed to help me get a new lawyer,” according to Spears, but “I never heard back from her.” In addition to requesting her friend’s opinion on the lithium levels and “it being tracked for so long,” Britney also asks for John Bell’s contact information.

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A lengthy text message purportedly addressed to Ingham—or, as the singer refers to him, “the lawyer I didn’t get to pick”—was also posted by Britney. Spears expressed her desire to “live for me and have an adventurous life,” be permitted to drive once more, and take three vacations later that year in her final statement. She expressed a lot of the same things in her shocking testimony from a year ago, which helped her conservatorship end.

Jensen later claimed she responded to Britney’s text by posting a screenshot, claiming she “always felt like some of my texts were erased.” On her Instagram, Lynne also posted the screenshot that Jensen took. Britney said, “I also have all the ‘full talks’! I am sorry that you feel that your closest loved ones have deceived you, she wrote. “Allow me to visit you! I adore you.

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