Britney Spears Will Not Be Deposed In Conservatorship Case

A judge recently granted Britney Spears another victory in her conservatorship case by ruling that Spears will not be required to take a deposition. According to Page Six, Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart claimed in court that she “feels traumatised by what she went through” and that answering questions from the counsel for her father Jamie Spears would “retraumatize” her. Weingarten allegedly intends to challenge the judgement.

By August 12th, Jamie Spears will take a deposition and be required to give over any papers he may have in his possession. The 13-year conservatorship, which ended last year, has been the subject of ongoing disputes between the family members over legal fees and other expenses. Spears has been free of the restrictions of her conservatorship, which was primarily managed by Jamie, since November 2021. The announcement follows Spears’ and her mother Lynne Spears’ social media argument. Spears posted texts she allegedly sent to her mother and her friend Jansen while under her conservatorship in a since-deleted Instagram post.

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According to Spears, neither her mother nor her friend replied to her texts, and she wanted to show the public the evidence. She allegedly texted her mother the following texts: “I can actually feel all of the nausea medication in my gut. I believe he is attempting to murder me.” Spears said in the captions of screenshots of reportedly sent texts to her mother on Monday, “I display it since nobody responded. She told me as soon as I exited, “You should have allowed me to visit you and give you a hug.”” Spears also disclosed texts she claims to have sent to her buddy Jansen but which were not returned.

The pop artist claims that she asked her buddy about the medicine dosages she was receiving, purportedly writing, “What do you think about the lithium levels and how long they have been under observation? You’ll probably assure me that I’ll be fine, but that still doesn’t make sense.”However, Jansen used her own since-deleted Instagram story to share her version of events and provide “evidence” that she really did reply to Spears. Supposedly, Jansen wrote, “I had to do some research because I don’t know a lot about lithium. It stated that if it becomes poisonous to you, you would experience the symptoms indicated in the previous text.”

Reposting Jansen’s assertion to her Instagram, Lynne added, “I also have all the “full chats,” Britney! I am sorry that you believe that your closest loved ones have deceived you. Allow me to visit you! I adore you.”  Lynn, who has grown distant from her over the past year, was also the target of Spears’ initial caption. After three days of inactivity, Britney wrote, “PS My sister’s text was ‘They’re not going to let you go so why are you fighting it?'” Spears said in a later Instagram post, which has since been taken down: “Hey mum, did you mention that was one of the few times you texted me back? Play the role of the ideal parent while attending church in Louisiana.

This is a joke! It was spoiled for me by you all. Never once do I recall receiving a text from you!” Spears also alleges that her ex-husband Kevin Federline abducted her children and that her mother assaulted her. Regarding Lynne, Spears continued, “You abused me.” Following the screenshots, Spears shared a picture of herself simply wearing a top hat and a boa, along with the words “KEEP IT CLASSY Y’ALL” and three loving lips emojis, clearly turning a new leaf. A request for comment from Fox News Digital was not immediately answered by representatives for Lynne Spears, Jensen, or Britney Spears.

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