BTS Sends Jin to Military Camp in Heartwarming, Intimate Video

BTS Sends Jin to Military Camp in Heartwarming, Intimate Video

BTS Sends Jin to Military Camp in Heartwarming, Intimate Video: Before their formal debut, BTS began capturing and sharing private and intimate moments with their fans. It was only natural that ARMY would get a glimpse of Jin’s momentous day of joining South Korea’s military duty.

All six members of Jin’s band arrived to send him off to the Yeoncheon army base, which is 10 miles north of the Demilitarized Zone dividing South and North Korea and is situated north of Seoul. BTS could stay away from the crowds gathering at the base (which included numerous journalists, security personnel, and a small number of fans) and spend some quiet time with Jin.

The three-minute video, set to BTS’ new Proof song “For Youth,” features the actors making jokes, posing for pictures, and taking selfies. The men also enjoy running their hands through Jin’s freshly chopped hair.

Before leaving, Jin left a message for the audience, saying, “Health is a key priority so I won’t get sick, and I hope you stay healthy too, ARMY.” The next scene showed RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook standing proudly as Jin joined his fellow recruits and saluted for his first time in the military.

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After the film, RM added a few more remarks that reflected his nurturing nature as the group leader. The “Wild Flower” actor confessed, “Jin hates the cold, so I’m a little afraid.” But we’ll shortly follow him. Although I don’t feel wonderful sending him off, I know he will succeed since he always succeeds wherever he goes. Although tragic, everyone must do this.

All non-disabled men in South Korea are required by law to enlist for a minimum of 18 months, with the possibility of longer service terms. Earlier this year, the BTS members announced that they would all be serving in the military shortly, with intentions to reunite in 2025. Below, you can watch touching Jin’s Entrance Ceremony video from BTS’ BANGTAN BOMB YouTube series: