California Man Says Meteor Destroyed His Home

California Man Says Meteor Destroyed His Home

A rural residence on a cattle ranch in Northern California was destroyed by fire on Friday night, not long after witnesses reported seeing a brilliant object fall from the sky nearby. All that is left are partial walls.

According to Clayton Thomas, a captain with the Penn Valley Fire Protection District, the fire was reported in Nevada County around 7:25 p.m. it was located close to the Mooney Flat area. Dustin Procida, the home’s owner, was present when the fire started and thinks a meteorite colliding with his roof is what started it.

He informed KCRA that he had heard a loud boom. “Smoke began to smell to me. When I stepped onto my porch, it was entirely in flames.” Procida almost escaped the fire with one of his dogs, but he lost another dog and two of his beloved rabbits. By 8:55 p.m., according to Thomas, the fire had been put out and no one had been hurt or killed. He is unaware of how the fire started.

The American Meteor Society received over a hundred additional reports of sightings of the fireball that was seen close to the home, ranging from as far south as Gustine, California, to as far north as Grants Pass, Oregon.

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One of her coworkers saw it while he was at his home close to Pleasant Valley, according to Elinor Gates, a staff astronomer at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, who described it as “the brightest fireball he’d ever seen.” Despite being seen on the same night as the Taurid meteor shower, NASA claimed on Facebook that the fireball was not a component of that phenomenon.

According to Gates and other experts, it’s improbable that a meteorite would have started the fire that eventually led to the home’s destruction. Gates told, “What I can say is that it’s a remarkable coincidence, time-wise.

She clarified that meteors that arrive from space are quite chilly (for perspective, the baseline temperature is negative 455 degrees Fahrenheit.) Although friction in the Earth’s atmosphere can cause them to heat up, they typically cool off by the time they touch the ground.

Only the very outer layer of the meteor, known as the fusion crust, has time to heat up during the brief passage through the Earth’s atmosphere, according to Gates. One can suppose that the meteorite’s cold interior will serve as a heat sink and fast allow the heated surface and heat transmission to the surrounding air to cool off.

The meteorite could still have struck Procita’s house, but Gates argued that the heat from the rock wouldn’t have started the fire. It would have to have struck something flammable, such as a gas canister or something else that might have set off a spark, she said. Even if it’s highly doubtful, I won’t claim it’s impossible.

According to witness accounts, the meteorite would have landed much more north than Procita’s residence close to Englebright Lake, according to Karl Antier, webmaster for the International Meteor Organization.

Antier wrote in an email, “Even if a meteorite crashed into this man’s house, it would not have sparked a fire, as it is only a piece of rock that fell from the sky, no more. Contrary to popular belief, a falling meteorite is very cold instead of hot, and it won’t start a fire if it hits something. The only way it could accomplish that is if it landed on something that could cause a fire if it were damaged.

If a meteorite was the cause, according to Thomas, a fire of this magnitude would be “very rare,” but other possibilities still need to be eliminated, such as electrical issues, gas service problems, or smouldering items discovered inside the structure.

He revealed that he had seen a video of the explosion that had been taken on Friday night as someone was travelling along Highway 20. He claimed, “They pulled up to the structure that was on fire, trying to find out where it landed.

Given that the structure was destroyed, the investigation to determine the origin of the fire is still ongoing and may take several weeks. Thomas claimed that investigators had not discovered anything in the area that was a meteorite. In an effort to learn more, he intends to contact NASA and the U.S.

Air Force, which has a base approximately 10 miles from the scene of the fire. When you factor in the possibility of an alien rock, he continued, “it’s a difficult scenario.” “All we want to do is make sure we’ve got everything covered,”

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Frequently asked questions:

Has a meteor struck a residence in California?

“There was a loud bang. Dustin Procida, a local rancher whose home was completely destroyed, told the local television news station KCRA, “I started to smell smoke and I stepped onto my porch and it was completely engulfed in flames. Procida, a resident of Nevada County, California, continued, “They said it was a meteor.”

Was a Northern California house destroyed by a meteor?

A fire that destroyed a home in Nevada County on Friday night may have been started by a meteor that streaked through the sky of Northern California, according to firemen.