Call Of Duty: Warzone And Vanguard Net New Update

With its June 22 release, Mercenaries of Fortune presents new difficulties and chances for Operators. Embark on a deployment to a brand-new Warzone map in Fortune’s Keep, engage in battle on a battleship in the Vanguard Multiplayer map USS Texas 1945, and explore the marshes of Shi No Numa in the return of the original round-based zombies. On June 22, both games will receive this significant upgrade. On June 21, at 9 AM PT, there will be a Vanguard update, and on June 22, at 9 AM PT, there will be a Warzone update.

Fortune’s Keep: New Map Take a chance on a fresh Warzone Resurgence Battle Royale terrain created by High Moon Studios, offering breathtaking vistas and untapped resources. Updates on the Caldera across the Island. Raven Software is modifying Caldera, including the reappearance of Storage Town and the drying up of riverbeds. New Contract, Armored SUV, and More Warzone’s new tools, goals, and feature improvements will bring fresh tactics to think about for your squad’s individual meta. Fortune’s Keep, Rebirth Island, and Caldera are three Warzone maps that you can drop into for free as part of a weekly playlist rotation.

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Prepare for the ultimate score: engage in combat with other Operators and mercenaries on an opulent island where the riches outweigh the danger and action .Fortune’s Keep is a totally unique Resurgence map made by High Moon Studios. It is a mercenary hideout constructed above a tranquil village with a deep history. It has four unique places of interest and is about the same size as Rebirth Island. According to legend, pirates from long ago used this island as a safe haven for their loot. Smuggler’s Cove is stocked with supplies, including Gas Masks that would be useful in the event of a Circle Collapse, living up to its name.

Prepare to explore the winding Sea Caves, the Grottos where sunlight streams through enormous earthen fissures, a small group of fishing shacks, and a lighthouse. This seaside neighbourhood, which is dotted with cobblestone passageways and flat rooftops to cross, was inspired by the vibrant Mediterranean villages. An historic citadel that dominates this region of the map sits in the middle of the town and beckons Operators inside for fierce fight Other noteworthy areas include a graveyard that appears to have been grave-roofed repeatedly and a coastal path with a pavilion.

The Keep, the mediaeval fortification that gave the island its name, now serves as the mercenary’s base of operations and hiding place. Invaders can easily fly over the walls using nearby Redeploy Balloons or sneak into the area utilising the island’s tunnel system, so you should take to the ramparts and watchtowers to protect the area against them.

The Winery is a laid-back complex that draws inspiration from classic three-lane maps and offers a tonne of options for scavenging and intrigue. To restock on supplies, go to the Cellar or the close-by Camp, which has a helipad and numerous military tents. The Bay, which offers pathways to the Winery itself and the Keep, may be a good option for those seeking a more quiet start. Two key aspects of Fortune’s Keep, the new venue for Resurgence Battle Royale games, could establish the most potent strategies (meta) for success.

Run-of-the-Mill Contract Accept the new Black Market Run Contract, which tests your ability to get to the Black Market Buy Station before the timer runs out, to get your hands on off-market loot. Spend Cash on goods like the Sequencer Grenade, the Nebula V Minigun, Foresight, a Specialist Bonus, or one of numerous classified weapons that aren’t available at regular Buy Stations or as ground loot.

Extracting money Scattered mercenaries will attempt to airlift their Cash off Fortune’s Keep during Resurgence Battle Royale battles. You and your team can ambush the extraction by following the flare signal, killing the agents to gain access to their bag of loot. However, keep an eye out for opposing Operators who may also be attempting to grab these mercenaries’ wealth.

In conjunction with a significant update to the primary Caldera map, Raven Software is bringing back a historic moment from Warzone’s past. When Storage Town is constructed between the Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site, it will give Caldera a new life that helped define nearly two years of Warzone in Verdansk.

Veterans should expect it to be similar to how they remember it: a large complex of lockers with Contracts and item spawning, as well as a few warehouses with excellent views of the surrounding area. Storage Town, though, will be situated close to high cliffs in the island’s centre because it is a portion of the Caldera. This fan-favorite area of interest will take on a new twist as a result of the added verticality, making it a more practical rotation point while moving between the western part of the map.

Rivers in Caldera dried up due to a severe drought, and mercenary soldiers set up camps all across the island. Additionally, Caldera will receive new supplies and a vehicle that should disrupt modes like Plunder. Numerous Changes to Points of Interest Expect unobstructed sightlines after this update goes live in many locations on the island, in part because of the appearance of tiny camps from outside the Resort to the Runway.

To provide more options for travel throughout the island, additional routes, such as scaffolding spanning several Capital Buildings and steps close to the Gondola Station, will be made available. Rumors about Mercenary Vaults are starting to circulate across Caldera; these can be found all around the island. Are you prepared to delve deeply into Caldera and Fortune’s Keep? The guides to both maps will be posted on the blog the following week.

SUV with armour (In-Season) A new Armored SUV may be utilised to explore all the new locations in Caldera with a sufficient number of protection, in addition to Redeploy Balloons, existing vehicles, and your own two feet. This is one mean vehicle that begs to be deployed in the field because it has a designated rooftop turret seat and space for Operators to employ their own loadout weaponry. Activate the SUV’s Nitro Boost to experience immediate acceleration for a short period of time so you can get where you’re going quickly.

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