Candace Cameron Bure Reacts To JoJo Siwa

Candace Cameron Bure Reacts To JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure appear to get along well. Bure responded to Siwa’s claim that she was the “rudest celebrity I’ve met” in a popular TikTok earlier this week by saying they had a “wonderful chat” about the incident in a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday. The Full House star revealed that the incident in question happened during the Fuller House premiere in 2016 when Siwa was only 11 years old, though she did not give any other explanation about Bure in her TikTok video.

Bure added in her video, “I want to talk about the JoJo situation. “When I first saw the TikTok on Sunday, I was astounded. I was unsure of its origin. I immediately attempted to contact her through our mutual acquaintances, my publicist got in touch with her manager, and I DM’d her as I had no idea what had transpired. So this morning, I was able to speak with JoJo at last. We had a wonderful talk when I called her.”

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Siwa didn’t anticipate her “”She genuinely didn’t want to tell me because she said it’s so foolish, she felt horrible, and that’s why it just wasn’t a huge problem to her,” Bure said. When I was 11 years old, I first met you at the Fuller House premiere, and we were all on the red carpet. I approached you and asked, “Can I take a picture with you?” You responded, “Not at this time.” and then carried on doing what you were doing, which was to have photos taken on the red carpet with other individuals.”

The dancer-singer allegedly then said to Bure, “Even so, you weren’t cruel. And now that I’m a grownup, I understand what it’s like to be tugged in numerous directions when on the red carpet and everything ihappening. But I was just 11 at the time.” In her video, Bure remarked, “I think I hurt your 11-year-old heart a little. I forgot to snap a photo with you! I feel awful. I’m really sorry, JoJo!” Bure responded, “Please know that as a mom, it aches my heart that I made you feel that way and I’m sorry to your mom, too, that I did that to her daughter,” to Siwa’s remark that it was “really not a big deal.”

Now, “all is good on the JoJo front,” Bure said. “We are both upbeat, uplifting individuals, and I told JoJo how much I’ve always loved her for being a fantastic role model throughout her entire life and career. We experienced all the sensations when she revealed that she still enjoys watching Full House and uses it as a comfort show before bed. All was well. There’s no commotion.” Siwa also mentioned Zendaya as her celebrity crush and Miley Cyrus as the nicest celebrity she’s ever met in her TikTok video. She also humorously praised SpongeBob SquarePants as the “celebrity that did me dirty,” perhaps alluding to the character’s tumultuous connection with Nickelodeon, the network that originally aired the fry chef sponge cartoon.