Canelo Net Worth Is Canelo The Richest Boxer

Canelo Net Worth: Is Canelo The Richest Boxer?

On this page, you can find information about Saul Alvarez’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, and many other things. A professional boxer from Mexico named Saul Alvarez has a $200 million net worth. We will refer to Saul Alvarez as Canelo Alvarez since this is how the entire world refers to him.

He was given this name because of the colour of his hair, which is cinnamon. Canelo Alvarez is said to be worth $200 million. In the modern boxing scene, he is the biggest box office draw. He has only ever lost one fight, and it was against the legendary Floyd Mayweather.

Although several boxing matches have also generated controversy, many people think he lost the first match against Triple G despite the judge siding with him. After that, many people think he lost the second match as well. According to the records, he had only lost one bout thus far, when he was very young. Therefore, it is unknown what people believe and does not believe. He is the boxing champion of the fourth division and will compete in the fifth division battle in the following two weeks.

We’ll let you know when Canelo Alvarez’s net worth reaches $1 billion. In the meantime, please keep checking our website for more details on the athlete’s life. Saul Alvarez has an estimated net worth of $200 million, as you are aware. Because they own their private jets, we won’t tell you what kind of car they drive. They have their building, so we won’t say how many homes they have. It is anticipated that in the next five to six years, his wealth will surpass $1 billion.

Saul Alvarez’s net worth and earning potential?

With a $180 million fortune, Saul Alvarez, also known as “Canelo,” is a professional Mexican boxer competing in the Light Middleweight division. Alvarez, a four-division world champion, is regarded as the best boxer in the world pound-for-pound. Almost every fighter Saul Alvarez has ever fought has found him a dangerous foe.

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Saul Alvarez’s Contracts

Canelo Alvarez and DAZN agreed to a five-year, 365 million-dollar pact for fights on October 17, 2018. Beginning with his bout against Rocky Fielding in New York on December 15, 2018, the agreement will encompass 11 conflicts. From June 2018 to June 2019, Canelo’s empire brought in $95 million. He made $40 million in the ensuing 12 months. Canelo made $90 million from June 2020 to June 2021.

Saul Alvarez’s Early Years

Santos Saul Alvarez Barragán is Saul Alvarez’s full name, and he was born on July 18, 1990. Alvarez’s family moved to Juanacatlan when he was five years old, but he was born on the outskirts of Guadalajara. The seven siblings who make up Alvarez’s family were all raised on the family farm. Alvarez is the youngest. All six of Saul’s brothers went on to fight professionally.

Saul had a fondness for riding horses in his boyhood. Alvarez is renowned for having red hair, which is unusual for a Mexican man. Spanish for “cinnamon,” the moniker “Canelo” refers to Alvarez’s hair colour.

When Saul Alvarez was 13 years old, he began boxing to follow in the footsteps of his older brothers. His amateur record was instantly impressive, and at the Mexican Junior Championship, he took home the silver medal before taking home the gold the following year at 15.

Saul Alvarez’s Career

Alvarez became professional soon after winning the gold. Although amateur boxers often don’t make their debuts until they are 15, Alvarez did so for no reason other than that nobody else wanted to face him. He knocked out most of them despite competing against boxers who were far older than he was. He won the welterweight title in 2006.

After switching to light middleweight, Alvarez won the WBC silver crown in 2010. He was the first boxer to knock out Carlos Baldomir in the same year. Alvarez repeatedly maintained his title defence success before defeating Austin Trout in 2013. Alvarez lost badly to Floyd Mayweather later that same year.

After that, Saul Alvarez prevailed, beginning with a triumph over Alfredo Angulo in 2014. Alvarez’s victory over Miguel Cotto in 2015 was another significant triumph. Alvarez successfully defended his WBC, Ring, and lineal middleweight titles with this triumph. He defeated Amir Khan in a shocking knockout to successfully defend these titles.

Alvarez lost weight to fight Liam Smith for the WBO light-middleweight world championship in 2016. With a devastating blow to the body, he stole Smith’s title. After extensive discussions, Julio Cesar Chavez Junior and Alvarez squared off, with Alvarez winning by unanimous decision. This set up the matchup between Alvarez and Golovkin, which was eagerly anticipated.

Before the formal announcement, talks for the Golovkin fight have been ongoing for years. With a split decision, the two boxers were ruled equals in September 2017. It was decided that a rematch would take place in May 2018. Alvarez, though, was suspended for six months after testing positive for a drug. Golovkin’s title was also taken away in an odd turn of events.

However, the rematch remained a top goal for both competitors, and after protracted talks, a date was finally set for 2018. Another contentious judgement was made in the fight’s favour of Golovkin by several media outlets and spectators, giving Alvarez the victory. Alvarez won at super middleweight before moving up to middleweight to defeat Daniel Jacobs. He jumped up two weight divisions to beat Sergey Kovalev at light heavyweight in 2019.

Saul Alvarez’s  boxing idiom

Saul Alvarez is renowned for having an excellent counterpunching technique. He discovers and fully utilises any openings in his opponent’s defences. Alvarez is also noted for his muscular body punches, frequently capping them with a blow to the liver. Additionally, he is renowned for moving his head, which leaves him open to attack, although this manoeuvre has advantages.

In almost every bout, Canelo has displayed exceptional intelligence by setting his opponents up for failure with clever combinations that keep everyone on their toes. When Canelo lands more than three punches, the fight is probably done because he frequently uses similar combos to terminate contests.

Saul Alvarez’s  Career Income

Manny Pacquiao, one of the best boxers in the world, reportedly turned down a staggering $65 million deal to take on Saul in Mexico. Alvarez, however, would have many more chances to profit significantly from essential fights. Saul Alvarez competed against Sugar Shane Mosley on May 5, 2012, and won, earning a purse of $1.2 million. Saul Alvarez defeated Josesito Lopez on September 16, 2012, and Golden Boy Promotions paid him $2 million in prize money plus a $100,000 knockout bonus.

Saul made $12 million from the Mayweather bout, including a $5 million purse despite losing, plus a cut of the PPV sales. After defeating Miguel Cotto on November 21, 2015, Saul Alvarez received a $5 million payday. HBO reported 900,000 PPV purchases during that bout, generating $58 million in domestic earnings. When Saul Alvarez defeated Amir Khan in May 2016, he earned an estimated $15–$25 million. Over $7 million in the live gate was recorded by the NCAS.

Saul made $44 million through endorsements and boxing purses between June 2017 and June 2018. In the Golovkin fight, which according to ESPN, had a live gate of nearly $20 million, Alvarez made more than $40 million. 2018’s September rematch was Canelo’s second, and he was promised $25 million just for turning up. PPV sales for the rematch totalled more than $94 million.

Saul Alvarez’s Deal with DAZN and lawsuit

Alvarez and DAZN agreed to a $365 million deal in 2018 that ensured his next ten fights would be broadcast on their network. It was one of the most significant sports contracts ever at the time. Canelo made $95 million from his various income sources between June 2018 and June 2019, thanks in considerable part to this agreement and some endorsements.

The deal was meant to be straightforward. Golden Boy would receive $40 million for each bout from DAZN over ten contests in 2019 and 2020. For each match, Canelo would receive $35 million. Canelo sued DAZN, Golden Boy Promotions, and CEO Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy for breach of contract in September 2020. His most recent match occurred in November 2019 against Sergey Kovalev at the time of the filing.

In addition to lost sponsorship and gate money, $280 million in damages were sought in the complaint. After a year of disputes between the parties, the case was filed despite predictions that Canelo would not fight once in 2020. DAZN objected to Canelo’s choice of opponents because they weren’t “premiere,” according to reports. Canelo reportedly received an offer from DAZN to fight Billy Joe Saunders for half his guaranteed $35 million payday.

A proposal that was declined. The core of the case is that Canelo either wants to be released from his contract so he can pursue fights independently, OR he wants to be paid the $35 million he claims he is guaranteed to face the opponents he proposes or picks with DAZN and Goldenboy. Canelo believed that the terms of the deal allowed him to choose his opponents with Golden Boy in the future. He added that Golden Boy had a separate contract with DAZN that gave them the authority to accept or reject prospective rivals.