Cars Filmed Dodging Tornado as It Rips Over Texas Highway

Cars Filmed Dodging Tornado as It Rips Over Texas Highway

Cars Filmed Dodging Tornado as It Rips Over Texas Highway: Social media has become inundated with videos of motorists responding to a tornado on a Texas highway. By 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, at least 12 tornadoes may have struck northern Texas, with five confirmed by video or eyewitness accounts, according to the Fort Worth National Weather Service.

Videos of automobiles trying to drive around or turn back when confronted with a tornado can be seen on social media, as drivers were quick to record their interactions. According to the uploader, one video with more than 340,000 views depicted a tornado near Baylor Hospital at 114 Grapevine.

A tornado can be seen in the distance, further down the highway, while heavy rain falls. In the sky, debris is also visible swirling. The car in front of the person behind the camera is shown slowly reversing, then, once the tornado has departed the highway’s path, pulling off once more. Another video, which has received more than 140,000 views, depicts active drivers turning their cars around to dodge the tornado.

There are numerous light flashes visible as the tornado passes through the highway’s path. It’s unclear whether this is the consequence of lightning strikes or whether the tornado impacted electrical lines. Reed Timmer, a meteorologist, and storm hunter, also tweeted tornado footage. Today in East Texas, there were tornadic supercell shots. Hearing that this tornado north of Karachi, Louisiana, inflicted significant damage to Four Point,” he captioned the photo.

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He stated, addressing the camera, “I’m at the southern section of Shreveport, Louisiana, where a PDS (especially severe situation) tornado warning was in force earlier. Fortunately, though, the confirmed tornado that sparked that warning was a reasonably swift tornado that occurred a little bit further off to the southwest, right along the Louisiana-Texas line.

You could see the top of that tornado and the tornado cyclone above it. It appeared to be big and fairly violent. “There was no doubt that it had a TDS (tornado debris signature) on the radar. Thank goodness, as it approached Shreveport’s south side, the tornado quickly lessened.

Intern weather reporter Jake Lambright from KNOE8 also posted pictures of other tornadoes’ damage in Louisiana. “Tornado damage: fresh images from Union Parish, Louisiana. The tornado that passed over earlier left behind significant damage. As a caption, he added, “There have already been several reports of injuries.

The four images supplied demonstrated that the storm had damaged and at least partially destroyed numerous dwellings. The number of persons that were hurt or died as a result of the tornado is still unknown.