Cary Police Chief Reacts To Shooting In Cary High School Bathroom

Cary Police Chief Reacts To Shooting In Cary High School Bathroom

Cary Police Chief Terry Sult said there was little exposure to people who weren’t involved the day after a shot was fired at a toilet inside a bathroom at Cary High School.
We were quite fortunate, in my opinion, that it happened the way it did, Sult added.

On Thursday, investigators filed juvenile petitions against two teenagers they believed to be accountable. Anyone under the age of 18 who commits a crime in North Carolina is issued a juvenile petition rather than a criminal charge. The Wake County District Attorney’s Office will now be in charge of the case.

Sult claimed that almost an hour had passed before police were informed on Wednesday that a gun had been shot into a toilet in a Cary High School bathroom.

Without going into the specifics of the case, Sult stated that the duration was approximately 45 minutes to an hour. There weren’t many people around to hear what happened because the incident took place in a remote location.

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Sult claimed that by the time police were notified, the officers had already established that they were not dealing with an active shooter and that there was no immediate danger to the kids. Sult stated, “I am worried that there was a gun on school property and that it did inadvertently discharge.”

WRAL News spoke with a parent of a Cary High School student who asked to remain unnamed. The parent stated, “My daughter was in the building where the event took place.”

This mother made the choice to keep her daughter home from school on Thursday. She first needs some clarification. The parent inquired, “How prepared are these schools? My current issue is that. The parent also inquired as to the school’s future plans.

The Wake County Public School System was questioned by WRAL News. According to a spokesman, the district recently finished a review of campus safety at every school, WRAL News said. Among other things, it recommended enhancing the Student Resource Officer programme, safety training, and visitation control at the school.

Leaders of the educational system are implementing their ideas. Sult stated that a strategy plan, which addresses readiness for threats in schools, is also being developed. You should always try to avert problems, but you also need to accept that you can’t stop everything, Sult remarked.

The police department deploys all of its resources when there is a report of an active shooter threat to the school. In the incident on Wednesday, authorities immediately ascertained that there was no ongoing threat by the time they were made aware of what had occurred.

After the lockdown, classes resumed at the school on Wednesday, but the school system stated that Cary High School had additional security on Thursday.