Chandler's Fiery I-10 Freight Disaster Dead 5; Eastbound Lanes Closed for Hours

Chandler’s Fiery I-10 Freight Disaster Dead 5: Eastbound Lanes Closed for Hours

Chandler’s Fiery I-10 Freight Disaster Dead 5: According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, on January 12, a fiery collision involving semi trucks forced the closure of Interstate 10’s eastbound lanes for several hours close to Chandler. According to authorities, the collision took place close to the Chandler Boulevard exit, and five individuals died as a result.

The crash occurred following two previous collisions in the vicinity.

This is the third incident on I-10 in this vicinity this morning, January 12, in total. Just south of the Chandler collision, a second semi accident had closed the interstate in Gila River an hour earlier. There were no reported grave casualties in that collision.

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According to DPS investigators, both crashes may have been the result of a backup brought on by a semi-truck fire at Riggs Road. According to authorities, a semi rear-ended an automobile, slammed into the back of another semi, sandwiching two vehicles between the two trucks, and this caused a fire. Two further vehicles that were in front of the crash were also hurt.

One of the sandwiched automobiles had a child’s car seat visible inside, but due to the smoldering nature of the vehicles, further investigation has been impossible. The firefighters had to battle the flames for almost four hours.

The semi’s driver admitted to troopers that he was unaware that traffic had halted in the moments before the tragedy. Traffic in the area was impacted by road closures. I-10 eastbound at Chandler Boulevard reopened just before 5 o’clock, although the right lanes were still blocked off from the earlier collision.

“I’m going to make an effort to take side roads whenever I can. People just need to be careful and slow down, in my opinion, “Jeffrey Harmon stated. It will take some time before the victims can be recognized, according to DPS authorities.

Talk on traffic safety among experts

Some are focusing on the topic of driver safety in the wake of a catastrophic collision in Ahwatukee on the I-10 that claimed five lives. “It broke my heart because I thought right away that might have been my mother. It might have been my father. Anyone could have been that “Driving teacher Adam Chambliss from Southwest Truck Driver Training

According to Chambliss, he discussed the accident with his students and the responsibilities each of them will have when they are all behind the wheel in the future. As Chambliss put it, “You look at the driving side of it, where you are looking at what that motorist could have done differently, what kind of circumstances — as to what distracted them and prevented them from having that reaction time that was needed.”

It’s not only truck drivers, but Chambliss also claimed. A single glance down at a phone or reaching for something while driving, he claims, might make the difference between life and death. He advises everyone on the road to take distracted driving seriously.

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Cpt. Keith Gephart from the DPS said, “It only takes a second to glance away, and you may look back up and it’s too late. According to Cpt. Gephart, it occurs on our roadways far too frequently. He advises people to slow down, put more space between them, and pay attention.

It takes between three-fourths of a second and a second and a half even before you can begin to respond when you’re following behind another vehicle and they stop or anything happens in front of you, according to DPS Cpt. Keith Gephart.