Cher's Engagement to Alexander AE Edwards Appears Confirmed

Cher’s Engagement to Alexander “AE” Edwards Appears Confirmed

Cher’s Engagement to Alexander: Cher appeared to announce her engagement to Alexander “AE” Edwards after posting a picture of a massive diamond ring she received on Christmas day. The 36-year-old boyfriend of the 76-year-old music queen hasn’t officially announced their engagement, but during a run-in with TMZ, she was questioned about the ring she received.

The media questioned the pair, “Can we see the ring, please?,” and Edwards lifted Cher’s hand to reveal the diamond ring. When asked how their engagement was going, Cher laughed and said, “It’s going okay, it’s going okay!” They both smiled and sidestepped the topic when it was directly asked if they had a wedding date in mind.

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There are no words, Alexander, A.E., Cher wrote in a tweet last month to acknowledge the engagement ring she received. As the image went viral online, fans began to believe that the two were engaged. Cher fueled the rumors by uploading a picture of AE holding the engagement ring. However, she added that she re-posted the image because “His nails are so awesome.”

Cher discussed the 40-year age gap between her and the music producer in an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show last month. When it comes to their relationship, Cher commented, “On paper, it’s kind of absurd.” But we get along well in real life. He’s amazing. And I don’t bestow upon folks traits they don’t merit.

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