Chicago Murder Victim's Brother Criticises Biden's Trip Admit It

Chicago Murder Victim’s Brother Criticises Biden’s Trip: “Admit It”

Fox News Gianno Caldwell called for new leadership to address the country’s crime crisis and end Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies as President Biden prepared to visit Chicago days before the midterm elections. Gianno’s younger brother was killed in Windy City’s gun violence epidemic in the summer.

On Friday’s “Your World” episode with Neil Cavuto, Caldwell remarked, “I got to tell you, it has to change. [With] the SAFE-T Act in Illinois, second-degree homicide is now something you can’t be held on. And to make progress, we need a Republican majority in the House and Senate.

Few sceptics expected that Biden would finally address the crime surge there and anywhere else in the country after campaigning in New Mexico but skipping what would’ve been his first trip as president to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Caldwell, a political analyst for Fox News, said to host Neil Cavuto, “This isn’t just a hallmark issue for me. “According to a Gallup study, more people than ever before 50 years believe that crime has increased in their communities.

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And it has, all around the country. If you look at last year, crime in Chicago reached its highest level in 25 years. According to Caldwell, Chicago’s homicide rate surpassed that of the two bigger cities, New York and Los Angeles, by 250% in the case of the City of Angels.

With that in mind, why wouldn’t President Biden discuss a subject that is so vitally essential and has such a wide-ranging effect? A Republican or Democrat issue, this is not. It is a human problem. And people are dying at historic rates,” he said, citing Democrats’ anti-police policies and the introduction of bail reform in states like Illinois and New York.

“They must admit their errors and say so. We must alter our course because they won’t, whether it’s Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or even the people of Chicago, said the speaker. On election day, Kevin McCarthy of California will become speaker of the House thanks to a Republican resurgence, according to Caldwell.

Therefore, he continued, “I’m laying my hope that people like Kevin McCarthy would take a close look at what’s going on with these progressive DAs who are letting these people come out of it, go to jail, and come out the same day and do more crimes. “Changing the trend takes a diverse strategy since millions of lives and family life are at stake.”