Child Discovered Dead in Orlando Hotel, Cops Say

Child Discovered Dead in Orlando Hotel, Cops Say

Police say a little child died after being discovered unconscious at a hotel in Orlando’s tourism area on Tuesday night. According to the Orlando Police Department, when officers arrived at the Intown Suites on Major Boulevard at 9:45 p.m., they discovered a wounded mother and her kid in a second-floor apartment.

Both were reportedly transferred to adjacent hospitals, where the youngster later died. They were not immediately able to provide information on the severity of their wounds.

After hearing that a child had died at the hotel, Christina Trujillo stated, “It’s making my stomach turn.” “I feel like my stomach is in knots,” I said to my spouse. She said, “I think that’s the worst thing I’ve heard since I’ve lived here.”

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Faris Alamdar, a local, stated, “Last night, I observed three police cars here.” “I want to know what’s happening because I’m worried for my safety and the safety of the other resident. They refused to provide me with any information at all.”

Officers claim this is a singular incident and that no suspects are wanted. Trillo finds it worrying. “Strangely, they aren’t looking for anyone. It’s unusual, “She spoke.

Trillo claimed that the occupants are close to one another despite being a motel in a tourist area. She hopes the mom is doing well. “Since this place resembles an apartment complex, many of us know one another. Our children engage in mutual play. You then worry about: “said Trillo.