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Child Safe After Seeing Mother Shot Outside Texas Hospital

Child Safe After Seeing Mother Shot Outside Texas Hospital

Child Safe After Seeing Mother Shot Outside Texas Hospital

After witnessing a guy shoot and kill her mother in the parking lot of the Texas Children’s Hospital, police in Houston reported that an 8-year-old girl remained unharmed. According to Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Ban Tien, the shooting occurred just before 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. He described the occurrence as a murder-suicide.

What’s happening right now is a catastrophe, declared Ban. I just want to ask the entire city to pray for the victims who have passed away. This really is a tragedy. “You know, it’s challenging. Losing a life is never easy. Actually, the holidays make things a lot harder. What the families are going through right now is beyond my comprehension.

Officers were called to the parking lot on Sunday afternoon when they discovered the deceased guy and an unidentified woman inside a car with the child in the back seat. Ban claimed that the male died from what is thought to have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that the mother, who was in the driver’s seat, had been shot many times.

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He said there was no harm to the child. It was unclear how the lady and the man were related, but Ban said that even if the woman was the child’s mother, the man was not her biological father. He stated that authorities were looking into the shooting’s circumstances. He declared, “This is a singular incidence.

According to preliminary research, the woman had attempted to get out of the car before the shooting, according to Ban. Authorities claim that the three drove to the hospital in order to bring the child for unidentified and unrelated medical care. He said that the girl was “being looked after” by doctors. The hospital’s operations were unaffected because the gunshot was restricted to the parking lot.

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