Silver Dollar City Train Accident

Cilver Dollar City Train Accident

People who visit amusement parks often leave a lasting impression after riding roller coasters. It was a train for many people last night in Branson, and a Joplin woman was on it.

Shortly after 6 o’clock last night in Silver Dollar City, the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train derailed. The cause of what happened is still under investigation, although the train had a valid operating permit, according to the Missouri Fire Marshal’s “Amusement Ride Safety Unit.”

There were 160 persons on board. Seven people were injured and sent to a hospital, including Cindy Sundy from Joplin. She was there with a couple of her Joplin-based friends. Her wounds included painful wrists and severely damaged ribs.

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“I fell out of the window and tried to brace myself with my hands because that’s what you do when you’re losing out of a train. If the train hadn’t fallen to the right because there was a hillside that caught the top of the train, no one would have been trapped between that. But it would have been significantly worse if things had turned out differently.

Sunday reports that emergency personnel and park staff arrived at the incident yesterday night quite promptly, and a park official contacted her this morning to see how she was doing.