Cleveland Guardians Offer Mustard As A “Option” To Lake County Captains

Mustard is winless in the storied hot dog races for the Cleveland Guardians through the first 51 home games of the 2022 campaign. The hot dog coated in yellow condiments is now suffering as a result. The Guardians revealed on Monday morning that they had “optioned,” or downgraded, Mustard to their High-A affiliate, the Lake County Captains

The franchise noted that Mustard’s losing run and on-field conduct played factors in the team’s decision in a release printed on official team letterhead. In the first 50 Sugardale Hot Dog races at Progressive Field in 2022, Mustard, 17, has suffered at a historically high rate (one race was rained out). “The temper-tantrum-throwing condiment has been sent to the Guardians’ High-A squad, the Lake County Captains, in an effort to improve both his mental and physical fitness.

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He is anticipated to present himself to the Captains on Monday and compete on Tuesday.”The team also pointed out that Ketchup and Onion, Mustard’s rivals, have each taken home 25 victories this year. Tuesday at 6:35 p.m., the Fort Wayne Tin Caps will take on the Captains at Classic Park.

The promotion of mustard comes shortly after 3News’ Austin Love looked into the puzzling circumstances surrounding the condiment’s unsuccessful campaign. Was Mustard’s downgrading justified, or was it merely a symptom of a bigger plot that will continue to affect the condiment in 2022? Watch Austin’s report in the YouTube player below to get your own opinion.

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