Conor McGregor Shares Turmoil After Surviving Nasty Car Accident

Conor McGregor Shares Turmoil After Surviving Nasty Car Accident

Conor McGregor Shares Turmoil After Surviving Nasty Car Accident: Conor McGregor, a legendary MMA fighter who was pushed off of his bike by a fast car, managed to survive the bad car accident and posted about his ordeal on Instagram. After riding his bicycle along a road close to his Dublin, Ireland, home, McGregor claimed that “he could have been dead.”

He shared the details of the mishap on Instagram on Saturday after the incident occurred on Friday. The 34-year-old revealed that after escaping a severe scare in which a driver knocked him off his bike while it was moving at full speed, he expressed gratitude to God.

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McGregor claimed in a now-deleted post that his familiarity with wrestling and judo helped him land safely after the collision. “Just now, I heard a car bang from behind. The motorist couldn’t see me due to the sun trap. Full speed straight through me,” the Irishman wrote in the caption of his Instagram image.

God is good; it wasn’t my time. Thank you to judo and wrestling as well. My life was saved by being alert on the landing, he continued. Conor McGregor escaped the collision with only minor injuries but displayed his shredded clothing. The automobile driver offered Conor an apology and gave him a ride back to his house because the UFC fighter could still operate it.

“I might have passed away there. Boys, thank God I got away with my life there. I couldn’t care less, buddy. Good, good, good. After the man apologized to him for the crash, McGregor answered, “Safe travels, god bless, brother. McGregor said earlier this week that he could be a coach on the television show.

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