Cook Children's ER Is Full, With A Warning To Families

Cook Children’s ER Is Full, With A Warning To Families

It hasn’t stopped at the Fort Worth Cook Children’s Emergency Department. An increase in patients this week has overrun the hospital. The emergency room saw 603 people in 24 hours. Seven hundred sixty individuals were seen at Cook Children’s Urgent Care Centers.

Natalie Carpenter, Director of Emergency Services, stated that this was the first minor peak she had ever observed. As the cold and flu season is only getting started, she cautions that this should not be taken lightly. At its peak, she projects that there will be 700 patients daily.

In his 21 years working at Cook Children’s, emergency room doctor Dr Daniel Guzman has never seen statistics like this. One of the primary issues, according to him, is RSV.
Remarked Dr Guzman, “There are many children with RSV in our ICU. Our maximum capacity is roughly 38 people. Currently, 28 beds are RSV-infected.”

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The staff is conflicted because they must send some patients to out-of-state facilities and turn away others. Debbie Boudreaux, assistant vice president of nursing, said, “I need them to understand what a terrible scenario we’re in. “In my 35 years as a nurse here, I have never had to turn anyone away.”

It breaks her heart to have to send people somewhere else for capacity, she added, adding that this is the first time this has happened. Boudreaux is pleading with parents to keep ill children home from school. And unless an ER visit is required, speak with a paediatrician first.