Couple Attacked After Elton John Concert at Dodger Stadium

Couple Attacked After Elton John Concert at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium was one of Elton John’s final venues on his farewell tour. A couple was severely attacked after one of John’s concerts, even though it was supposed to be a night of celebration.

Following a “fender bender,” a guy was knocked out by beatings on Thursday, November 17, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez.

Police are looking into the incident even though the circumstances are unclear. Immediately following the “Rocket Guy” singer’s concert at the stadium, a man and his wife were engaged in an accident. Lopez said things got violent when the pair got out of the car.

A man hit another man, and a lady struck another woman. A man is seen lying motionless on the ground during the attack. He is still being pummelling, possibly by several attackers, while others try to put an end to the violence. As she tries to check on her spouse, the man’s wife is seen yanked by the hair.

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When the police arrived, Lopez said that everyone had left. While the victims were receiving medical attention at a hospital, police caught up with them and took a report alleging battery. According to CBS2, the man also had a broken ankle and a concussion.

According to the station, the man’s wife claimed she attempted to revive him for almost 45 minutes while assuming he had passed away before he eventually came to. The victims, according to TMZ, were both in their 60s when the assault was captured on tape.

According to a lady claiming to be the victim’s daughter and a nurse, both parents “were left unconscious on the ground,” but her father was still hospitalised with fractures and brain injuries.

She stated that four men and two women attacked the pair, and neither bystanders nor security personnel attempted to intervene. She is now pleading with the public for assistance in identifying the suspected perpetrators.