Dancers Injured In Mirror's Concert Accident

Dancers Injured In Mirror’s Concert Accident

In Hong Kong (CNN) An enormous video panel that dropped from the roof and struck a backup dancer for the Cantopop boy band Mirror during a concert in Hong Kong has put the dancer in critical condition. According to Hong Kong police, five individuals were hurt when the panel, which was around four square metres in size and fell onto the stage during the performance at the Hong Kong Coliseum near Victoria Harbour. According to authorities, none of the 12 members of the band were hurt. The dancer who was gravely hurt as well as another artist who was said to be in a stable condition were all transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment, the hospital said.

Local charity have set up hotlines for any of the 10,000 concertgoers who were shocked by what they witnessed after a video of the moment the screen toppled upon the dancers went popular on social media. Since then, the group’s remaining eight performances in Hong Kong’s concert series have been cancelled, and Chief Executive John Lee of Hong Kong has demanded an investigation.In order to safeguard the lives of performers, staff members, and audience members, Lee said, “I have spoken with the Secretary for Culture.

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Sports, and Tourism and instructed the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, along with relevant departments, to thoroughly investigate the incident and review the safety requirements of similar performance activities. Kevin Yeung, Hong Kong’s secretary for culture, stated on Friday that one of the cables holding the panel was loose, which is why it fell. According to preliminary evidence, a wire broke, causing the screen to fall and injuring the dancers, Yeung told reporters on Friday.

Chris Sun, the secretary of the Hong Kong Labor Department, stated on Friday that legal action against the guilty parties is not off the table. Makerville, the concert’s organiser, issued an apology on Facebook for “unease to viewers or others affected” and announced that attendees of Thursday’s show would be entitled to a refund. The tragedy happened despite warnings from audience members at three prior performances that the stage and set appeared unstable, prompting them to start a petition requesting the concert organisers to guarantee the safety of the performers.