Danny Javier Cause Of Death Dies At 75

Danny Javier Cause Of Death: Dies At 75

At the age of 75, Filipino singer Danny Javier passed away. The musician, a member of the OPM band APO Hiking Society’s trio, passed away on October 31 after a protracted illness.

Javier is credited for creating the name OPM, or Original Pilipino Music, for a style of music that has become well-known through time. Javier was not only a musician and vocalist but also an actor, a TV host, and a businessman. To learn more about the singer’s life and career, continue reading.

Danny Javier Passes Away at 75

Justine Javier Long, Danny’s daughter, released a statement confirming his passing. The information continued, “In life, as in his death, our Pop never stopped fighting for what he loved, what he believed in, and what he was passionate about.” She revealed the cause of his death as “complications owing to his prolonged illnesses.”

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She continued, “He left this world with his passion and his strength of will intact, and we know he would not have it any other way.’ The family is grateful for the “outpouring of love, prayers and condolences at this difficult time,” she said, adding that they have requested privacy during this difficult time as they plan his funeral and memorial services.

The news was also shared on Facebook by Lolita Javier, Javier’s sister-in-law, who wrote, “Manong Danny, as part of the renowned Apo Hiking Society, spent crucial years producing landmarks in the Filipino music industry. Rest peacefully in the loving arms of our Lord and Lady. The pain is over! You can now laugh and sing in heavenly bliss because you are free.

Friends and coworkers of Javier express their sorrow

APO Hiking Society member Boboy Garrovillo expressed his sorrow over Javier’s passing in a letter, writing, “Just grieving the loss of an old faithful buddy who knew what love is despite it just doesn’t show sometimes. His music carries on my friend’s legacy.

“The company expresses its deepest and heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Danny Javier,” the record label. The company wrote on its website. Jim Paredes and Boboy Garovillo receive warm hugs. The APO contributed to the development of OPM. Your enduring legacies are indelible. I appreciate everything, Danny.

“Good night, and Godspeed, Manong Danny Javier,” tweeted Leah Navarro, a friend of the late singer. Thank you for the years of friendship, music, fights and jokes, tears and laughter. Compa, I already miss you.

In the 1970s, Danny Javier was the OPM movement’s leader.

Danny, who was up in Abuyog, Leyte, is credited with helping to popularise the OPM movement in the 1970s, which aimed to defend the rights of Filipino musicians and singers. He co-wrote several popular songs from the early 1970s to the late 1990s under APO Hiking Society with Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo.

Javier was also a well-known composer who released several songs that reached the top of the charts, such as Pumapatak and Ulan (1978), Kaibigan (1978), Doo bid (1978), Kabilugan ng Buwan (1980), Blue Jeans (1981), Di Na Natuto (1985), Kumot At Unan (1991), Awit ng Barkada (1991), Just A Smile Away (1992), and Lumang Tugtugin (1992). Danny also had acting experience and appeared in some television shows, including Tawag Ng Tahanan, Vilma On Seven, Power House, and Boys Ride Out.