Darcey And Stacey Before Surgery’ Still Together 2022?

The cast of 90 Day Fiancé Darcey and Stacey Silva got complete makeovers with plastic surgery in Turkey. This included breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), liposuction, and other procedures. How much did the stars of Darcey and Stacey spend to change their looks? Read on to find out and see photos of the before and after. The TLC twins, who are 47 years old, shocked fans in season 2 of their spinoff show when they went to Turkey for a “twin transformation.”

Darcey said that they “did a lot of research before they chose their clinic.

” She told Entertainment Tonight in July 2021, “We wanted everything to be lifted on our bodies.” “Everything has been raised. We got a bit of a lip lift, a nose lift, a boob lift, and, you know, our waists were taken in. Everything has just gotten a little bit better. We feel lighter.”

Even though the reality stars probably saved money by having their procedures done overseas, they still spent a lot of money at Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery. The clinic even offers packages that include a six-night stay at the all-inclusive recovery center with one guest, all meals, medications, and transportation from the airport, the recovery center, and hospitals. Darcey said that the clinic was like “five-star treatment.” “We’ve had surgery in Miami and Beverly Hills before, but this was different. And for us, it was the best.”

The prices of each procedure that the reality TV stars had, converted from GBP to USD, are as follows: Rhinoplasty ($4,110), breast implants ($3,836), BBL ($4,110), Vaser lipo ($3,836), and extra lipo areas like the arms, inner thighs, and chin can be added for an additional $411 each. The sisters also got lip lifts and a package of veneers called “Hollywood Smile,” which cost $6,800.

Overall, Darcey and Stacey spent more than $20,000 on their complete makeovers.

Some fans were worried about how much the Connecticut-born musicians had changed. After Darcey posted an ad on Instagram showing her new look, a Reddit thread was started with the title, “Darcey should have stopped with the plastic surgery after the first photo.” She looked so good. It’s too bad that she looks this way now.”

One person wrote, “It makes me so sad that she couldn’t see how beautiful she was.” “Blame Tom,” someone said, referring to Darcey’s ex-boyfriend Tom Brooks. “I don’t hate people who get plastic surgery, but she has gone too far.” She was so pretty without makeup that she didn’t even need it!” said someone else.

From Darcey’s point of view, the “spiritual” journey made them feel like they “came back healed.”

She said, “I think we’re the best versions of ourselves, but it starts with us.” “And going there as twins brought us closer together. It was a whole experience.” And I think we knew it was confirmed when we left Connecticut and started seeing all these great signs… We just felt very safe there, and we could feel the history. We felt like we were set free like we were born again.”

3. Foxy Eye Makeover

In December of 2021, Darcey’s new cat eyes shocked her fans. A fan page called 90day e11 posted pictures of Darcey on Instagram and said that she got the foxy eye thread lift, which made her eyes look like almonds by making them longer. Many 90-Day Fiancé viewers said Darcey was going too far with her plastic surgeries because her thread lift looked like it hurt.

2. Barbie Touch-Up

Last August, Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, went to Turkey to get a complete mommy makeover. The twin sisters had a nose job, breast implants, a Brazilian butt lift, a lip lift, and the Hollywood Smile veneer package. They called it a “twin transformation.” The Silva sisters said that changing their whole bodies made them feel younger and lighter. Fans weren’t happy, though, because Darcey looked very different after having complete plastic surgery.

1. Puffy Lips

Darcey has been showing off her full lips on Instagram lately, which reach the tip of her nose. She seems to have decided to make her lips much more significant than they used to be so she can look like Barbie. Most people who watch 90 Days of Love don’t like Darcey’s new lips. Someone on Instagram wrote, “You’re making a shape with your lips. It looks like a mustache.” Some people are worried about Darcey’s love of plastic surgery, but others keep putting her down on social media. But it seems like Darcey can’t be hurt by anything. The famous 90-Day Fiancé star doesn’t appear like she will stop trying out new looks soon.

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