David Beador Divorce Is He And Lesley Still Together

David Beador Divorce: Is He And Lesley Still Together?

David Beador and Lesley Beador (née Cook), married for two years, have separated. Us Weekly verified in September 2022 that David, who had previously been wed to Shannon Beador of the Real Housewives of Orange County, had requested a divorce and listed “irreconcilable disagreements” as the reason for their breakup.

David, who wed Lesley in October 2020, asked the Orange County, California court to stop permitting Lesley to get spousal support and mentioned that they had already signed a prenuptial contract.

“The true character and extent of Petitioner’s specific property shall be determined at the time of trial or settlement. According to the court document, few assets and obligations are common property given the very brief duration of the marriage. A prenuptial agreement that takes effect on October 9, 2020, is in development and governs.

Lesley said the divorce was null and void less than a week afterwards.

The Candid actress posted on her Instagram Story on September 21, 2022, “My spouse filed a request for dismissal a few days ago.” Return to your regularly scheduled programming now. After Lesley’s social media remark, the couple did not immediately discuss their romantic relationship, but almost a week later, she submitted a second request to end their marriage.

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On September 27, 2022, Lesley posted a vintage image of her and the couple’s daughter, Anna Love, along with the message, “I am filing for divorce.” “I value myself and the happiness and [sic] well-being [sic] of my children. “While this is not what I would have ever imagined, it is what is best. I appreciate the fantastic support I receive from my friends and family.

I look forward to a bright and joyful future with my adorable children.

Lesley said via Instagram Story that the billionaire has “a lot to share” and that she “will one day” even though he has not yet commented on his estranged wife’s latest court file. In January 2020, only nine months after he and the Bravo celebrity negotiated a divorce settlement, David and Lesley, first linked in 2018, announced their engagement.

Before divorcing in 2017 due to his adultery, Shannon and David had been married for 17 years. Sophie, born in 2001, and Stella and Adaline, twins born in 2003, are kids of the now-ex-couple. He then welcomed Anna Love with Lesley in February 2021 as the ex-reality TV stars cohabited with their kids.

David is a truly wonderful father. Well, the ones who don’t drive, he drives his girls to school every morning. He picks them up from all of their after-school activities, causes them to their sporting events, and is always there for them,” Lesley, the mother of a son and a daughter from a previous union, exclusively told Us Weekly in March 2018. His girls are the absolute joy of his life, and he adores them dearly. Always prioritise the girls. She said, “This dad goes above and beyond for his girls.”

Everything you need to know about David and Lesley’s divorce is below:

What Year Was Lesley and David Beador’s Wedding?

2018 saw their relationship start after meeting during a SoulCycle session. The couple got engaged over two years later. In October 2020, they got married.

How did the divorce petition for David Beador turn out?

Lesley asserted almost a week later that her estranged spouse had submitted paperwork to have his divorce case dismissed.

When did Lesley Beador submit the divorce paperwork?

On September 27, 2022, the actress declared that a new motion had been submitted.

Exist children between David and Lesley Beador?

Despite their separation, the couple has not disclosed the custody rights of their daughter Anna Love.

Does the split still exist?

David requested the divorce be dismissed without prejudice on October 21, 2022, which ended the marriage. While claiming in September 2022 that she intended to do so, Lesley appears to have never submitted her petition.