Death of Michigan skydiver

Death of Michigan skydiver in NJ Authorities Said

On Friday, a skydiver from Michigan was killed when he crashed into the area close to the Alexandria Field airport. The Federal Aviation Administration and the New Jersey State Police are conducting an investigation into the incident.

At approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, state troopers responded to a request for medical help at the airport, which is situated in Alexandria Township in Hunterdon County. When emergency personnel arrived, the skydiver, who was later determined to be Brandon M. Jackson, 37, from Troy, Michigan, was said to be lying in a field that was close to the airport runway.

According to the New Jersey State Police, he was pronounced deceased at the scene of the incident. The name of the business that was involved in the event, along with any other facts, was not disclosed by the State Police. On Saturday, a phone for comment was placed to the manager of the Alexandria Field airport, but no response was received. Must Check: Emma Watson On Robbie Coltrane Death Check Here!

Maria Njoku, a spokeswoman for the FAA, stated that the organization had been made aware of the occurrence and that an inquiry was currently being conducted.

According to what she said, “FAA examinations of skydiving accidents and incidents normally focus on evaluating the packing of the main parachute and the reserve parachute, as well as regulations of flight for the pilot and the aircraft.” Our journalism needs your support. Please take a moment to subscribe to right away and receive at latest ARTICLE.