Delivery Driver Arrested In Orange County On Suspicion Of Molesting A Woman

Charges have been filed against a man after deputies claimed he molested a lady while performing delivery labor for GoPuff. On Monday, Gustave Aphner, 33, was taken into custody at his Teakwood Drive residence. On August 24, according to deputies, Aphner delivered alcohol to an apartment on Point Sylvan Circle. According to the arresting affidavit, the victim informed authorities that when she answered the door for the delivery, Aphner wanted to see her ID because it was an alcohol delivery.

The victim produced her ID, but according to records, Aphner also wanted to view the back. According to deputies, Aphner surged forward, crossed the apartment’s threshold, and grabbed the victim’s breast as she turned her ID around. Apnea was yelled at, and the door slammed. Records reveal that Aphner texted the victim asking if she wanted to talk after that, according to the victim.

According to investigators, Aphner stayed on the scene and said he did not grasp the woman’s breast, instead attempting to playfully punch her since she was not engaging in conversation with him. According to deputies, video from a doorbell camera corroborated the victim’s account of what happened. Apnea is accused of breaking into a house, assaulting, and nonviolently resisting an officer.

GoPuff sent the following statement to News 6:

The safety of our customers is our top priority. All of our employees and delivery partners are required to pass a background check. We are cooperating with authorities as necessary and can confirm that we have terminated this individual’s contract and removed him from the Gopuff platform.

Deputies are investigating the possibility that there are still unidentified victims. Call 407-836-4357 if you worked with Aphner and had a similar experience.

Rose Grande
Rose Grande
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