Diabetic Janitor Locked in Orange County Courthouse for Three Days

Diabetic Janitor Locked in Orange County Courthouse For Three Days

How an elderly custodian spent three nights imprisoned in an Orange County holding cell is being investigated by WESH 2 News. The woman, who is now recovering in the hospital, was our only interviewee. 72-year-old Libia Vargas De Dinas said that during those three days, she maintained her composure and relied on her faith.

She spoke to us on the phone because she wasn’t ready to tell her story on camera. When she is prepared, she says she wants to talk about it so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else again. Vargas De Dinas remarked, “I begged to God that he would take care of my health, body, mind, soul, and spirit.

As she was getting better in a hospital bed, Vargas De Dinas said over the phone. The 72-year-old custodian was cleaning the Orange County Courthouse on Friday at 9:30 p.m., according to the incident report made public by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, when the door to the inmate holding cell shut behind her.

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She was confined. She was outside the cell with her janitorial cart and cell phone. She characterized it as a total point of despair. “This last weekend. No one would visit the upper floor. A floor of 23, “She spoke. The situation didn’t change until Monday AM.

She slept on a bench for three nights without food and only drank water from a tap over the toilet. Additionally, Vargas De Dedinas has diabetes. The woman admitted to officials that she hadn’t taken any insulin since before being imprisoned. She thinks that what kept her alive was her faith.

Vargas De Dedinas prayed, “My God, I know you are here with me.” Deputies exclusively patrol the courthouse during regular business hours, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Several security officers from Allied Security Services patrolled the area during the weekend.

According to Orange County Government, the holding cells are camera-free. They stated in a statement that “Orange County has demanded that the security company traverse every place inside the janitorial footprint” after learning about the custodial worker’s hardship.

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Orange County also stated that the automatic door closer had been uninstalled to prevent this from happening again. WESH 2 contacted Allied Security Services but hasn’t received a response yet. We also connected with Vargas De Dinas’ employer, Owen Realty Services. They claimed they had nothing to say.


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