Diablo 4's Closed End Game Beta

Diablo 4’s Closed End Game Beta

We predicted Lilith, the Blessed Mother’s reappearance at the 2022 Xbox Games Showcase. As we move closer to the 2023 launch of Diablo IV, we’ve accomplished a significant milestone by enabling community members to participate in testing early versions of the game and offer feedback.

The first of a few chances for a few gamers to sample some of what Diablo IV has to offer will be our Closed End Game Beta. Utilizing detailed gameplay data, players will be allowed to test out Diablo IV’s comprehensive endgame offers. Later in this blog, we’ll convey more information about how we will be handing out invites and what kinds of players are being invited.

Players who are invited won’t be permitted to discuss or share their gameplay experience in public during this Closed Beta because it will be confidential. The Closed-End Game Beta will also be playable on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles; cross-play and cross-progress will be enabled across all of these platforms. Watch the video below to hear from franchise general manager Rod Fergusson and game director Joe Shely on what to expect during the Diablo IV Closed End Game Beta.

We have chosen to concentrate the Closed Beta on Diablo IV’s endgame features for several reasons. We don’t want to give away the entire plot of Lilith’s return to Sanctuary before it is released because players will encounter a post-campaign Sanctuary in the Closed-End Game Beta. Additionally, as many players consider Diablo’s endgame to be their favorite part, we want to make sure it feels fulfilling and has enough challenging diversity to experience throughout many demon-slaying gaming sessions.

To do this, we are gathering community feedback to include it in Diablo IV before the game’s release. In-game feedback tools will allow players chosen to participate in the Closed-End Game Beta to offer suggestions in between attacks on demons.

Here is a list of the endgame content available in the Closed-End Game Beta, from Helltide to Nightmare Dungeons to Whispers of the Dead to Fields of Hatred. Consider what abilities and information you have gained from using these features; you’ll need them all to defeat the boss of the Closed-End Game Beta.



Be mindful of your surroundings while exploring Sanctuary on foot or in the saddle, as you can get caught in a Helltide. Only when heroes reach World Tier Three: Nightmare difficulty can they become eligible for this new regional tournament. The servants of Lilith are enhanced during a Helltide, which increases their difficulty while also increasing the loot they drop. The very ground of Sanctuary, as you know it, has changed due to the increase in demonic activity, as are her mightiest minions. They are also out in more significant numbers.

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Cinders, a new currency used to open Helltide Chests strewn throughout a Helltide, may be left behind as you kill the horrors that inhabit it. These chests offer numerous bonuses only available in one particular item slot, such as the torso, legs, or two-handed weapon. But be careful not to stockpile your Cinders since if you lose the battle, they will fall and need to be retrieved.

Darkest Dungeons

Your worst nightmares inspired the Diablo dungeon difficulty that we created. I kid you not! Once you find your first Nightmare Sigil in Diablo IV, nightmare-difficulty dungeons become accessible. Each sigil is associated with a specific dungeon in Sanctuary. These sigils will give each dungeon unique modifications that will boost the ferocity of the hell-servants lurking there and provide higher-rarity loot.

You can obtain even more potent sigils through completing Nightmare dungeons, which will provide death-defying changes and difficulties for you to accomplish. New Nightmare Dungeons will become accessible as you advance into higher and harder World Tiers.

Speaking of the Dead

With a few loose ends to tie up, The Tree of Whispers needs your assistance in settling the score. Players may notice several Whispers dispersed throughout Sanctuary when looking at their map. When you finish the related assignment, you will receive experience, gold, and Grim Favors.

The number of Grim Favors you receive for completing a Whisper varies. Still, after you have gathered 10 Grim Favors from the dearly departed, you can trade them in at the Tree of Whispers for various rewards, including experience and loot, as recognition for your bravery.

The Whisper types that players see on their map change often, with new ones accessible for you to track throughout the day. Every Whisper will have a unique set of rewards and experience requirements.

Typically, players cannot access the Whispers of the Dead mechanism until they have finished a specific Main Questline chapter. Players can interact with this technology immediately during the Closed Beta.

The Hate Fields

Mephisto has cursed some regions of Sanctuary, turning them into deadly Fields of Hatred because of their hatred of mortals. These designated PvP areas serve as the testing grounds for individuals eager to make a name for themselves via enthusiasm and bloodshed. Players can send demons into the Fields of Hatred to gather Seeds of Hatred.

It would help if you carried these seeds to the Altar of Extraction so that they can be crushed into Red Dust to be used. You should act quickly to change your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust since other players in the area are after them, and if they are proficient enough to defeat you in battle, they will drop your Seeds of Hatred.

There are advantages to going through the process of turning Red Dust from Seeds of Hatred. If you are killed, you won’t be lost, Red Dust. It can also be used to purchase ornamental rewards from the PvP Cosmetic and Mount Vendors. In these corrupted realms, will you be able to make a name for yourself?

Orient Boards

The Paragon Boards, an endgame character progression mechanism intended to strengthen your hero, become available once you reach level 50. Your hero will acquire Paragon points as they gain experience. With these points, you may expand your hero’s customization options and achieve incredible power levels by unlocking new tiles, Sockets, and even extra Paragon Boards!

Those invited who?

The team’s top priority is ensuring Diablo IV’s end game delivers the exhilarating, constantly-evolving experience we intended to design. However, we are unable to make this determination on our own. Experts are required, maybe even players like you.

A select group of Diablo gamers who have recently invested a significant amount of time playing the endgame experiences of Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III, and Diablo Immortal will be invited. The procedures listed below** can help us make sure your invitation to the Closed-End Game Beta gets to you if you think you meet the criteria to be one of the chosen participants.