Diane Ladd Illness

Diane Ladd Illness: What Disease Is She Suffering From?

Diane Ladd has a long experience in the entertainment industry, having worked as an actress, producer, and film director. She is also the mother of Laura Dern. Diane’s most recent encounter was appearing in the drama series Chesapeake Shores for the Hallmark Channel, however, in 2018, she was diagnosed with a serious illness and was unable to continue working on the show. What is Diane’s current condition?

Is she still struggling to get better from her illness? Will Diane make an appearance in the show’s last season of Chesapeake Shores? Detailed explanations are provided below for all of your important queries regarding Diane Ladd.

What Disease Was Diane Ladd Suffering From? Is She Sick at All?

Diane Ladd received a pneumonia diagnosis in 2018 and was given six months to live. She told Closer Weekly that Laura Dern, her daughter, immediately “went insane screaming and saying, “You can’t die! I have no brothers or sisters; Mother, you are the only one I have.” When Diane lasted longer than the doctors had predicted, she remarked, “But I disproved the medical professionals because I survived. I deceived them!”

Following a full recovery, Diane claims she has no plans to retire from her Hollywood career any time soon, not even at the age of 85. “Not if God permits me to walk and breathe, she said to Closer Weekly. “I won’t stop working until this play is finished.”

Laura said that the family took extra care throughout the coronavirus pandemic to protect Diane, who was vulnerable despite recovering from her pneumonia diagnosis, in an interview with Elle Magazine in 2021. She stated: “My mother had pneumonia and her lungs in particular were at great risk. Being so protective of her meant that, like many of us who have high-risk family members, it was a really locked-down time.”

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Laura continued, “Watching how my children came together and were so protective of her, and watching movies and taking care of one other was just wonderful.” The family had a cake in bed on Diane’s 86th birthday in 2021. She took a picture for Instagram and added a sentimental remark honouring her mum.

“Nothing beats waking up my adorable mother on her birthday to a party and cakes! Amazing Diane, you have my undying love!!!!!! I have such a lucky daughter.”


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Did Diane Ladd Leave ‘Chesapeake Shores’?

The original Hallmark Channel drama Chesapeake Shores made its debut in 2016. It is based on the same-named book by Sherryl Woods. Abby O’Brien Winters, played by Meghan Ory, is a divorced mother of two young girls from New York City who moves back to her small hometown of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland.

Nell O’Brien, the family’s grandmother, is played by Diane Ladd on the show. She was the main person who took care of the family. IMDB says that Diane is in Chesapeake Shores Season 6, which means she has not left the show. The show’s sixth and final season started airing on August 14, 2022. Diane can’t stop doing what she loves, even if she’s very sick.

Every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel, there are new episodes of Chesapeake Shores.

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