Did Acacia and Jairus Break up Relationship Rumors

Did Acacia and Jairus Break up: Relationship Rumors

Did Acacia and Jairus Break up: Relationship Rumors: Acacia Kersey (née Brinley), an actress and influencer, has been the center of controversy on more than one occasion. Acacia gained popularity after starting on Tumblr.

However, as her fan base increased, many people began to notice that she was stealing stuff from other authors. Additionally, as some of her older tweets reappeared, she was accused of being racist by admirers. Acacia rose to the status of a popular yet despised girl quickly.

She declared her intention to stop using social media in October 2021. She reportedly posted the following in a now-deleted Instagram post: “It’s time to proceed. At some point, influencer disadvantages outweigh influencer benefits.” She continued that this role has seriously harmed my relationships, financial security, and worldview.

Acacia quit the internet following her word. She returned to social media in the latter half of 2022, though. Following her return, her followers attempt to catch up on her life. According to rumors, she and her husband, Jairus Kersey, may have divorced. Is this accurate? Here is what we know.

Has Jairus Kersey and Acacia Brinley separated?

To update her fans on her activities, Acacia put together a TikTok video published on December 7. “Many joys and many losses have occurred while I’ve been away. Merely pleased to be present, “The caption was written by her.

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Her hiatus’ highs and lows were depicted in the video. Acacia was seen by viewers both happy and crying. According to many users, Acacia and Jairus allegedly split up on Twitter earlier this year. Acacia’s reply to one of her fans on TikTok served as additional evidence for these allegations.

In her video, an admirer wrote, “Hello, Mrs.” “More like Ms.” was Acacia’s response. The interaction, which Jairus described as “awkward,” was later discussed on Twitter by a user posing as him. No divorce has been officially announced.

Jairus, formerly the lead singer of the band Alive Like Me, and Acacia have been married since 2018. When she was 17 and Jairus was 24, they first met in 2015. Because of their age difference, their relationship received frequent criticism.

Is Acacia due to give birth to her fourth child right now?

Brinley, Rosemary, and Cali are Acacia’s and Jairus Kersey’s children. The allegation that Acacia has another bun in the oven was made on Twitter on November 17 by an account posing as her. The performance never answered when fans enquired whether Jarius was the child’s father.

Reddit fans have debated why Acacia and Jairus might have divorced. According to one commenter, the couple’s relationship was in danger of deteriorating, so she decided to become pregnant to save it. Others argued that Acacia shouldn’t have had two more kids after that because she could hardly handle one. Jairus, according to some, was Acacia’s primary source of funding.

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Did Jairus Cheat on Acacia?

While there is significant conjecture, there is no concrete proof that Jairus betrayed Acacia. Jairus was already engaged to another woman when they initially started dating. Using Acacia, he betrayed her. There is a probability he may have cheated again, given that he has previously been unfaithful.