Disney+ Is Developing An Eragon TV Series

Disney+ Is Developing An Eragon TV Series

An Eragon live-action TV show is currently in development for Disney+. Variety reports that the popular fantasy books The Inheritance Cycle by author Christopher Paolini will be adapted for the next Eragon series. The series’ first book, Eragon, served as the inspiration for the new television programme. Of course, this adaptation of Eragon is not the first. A live-action Eragon movie made its premiere in 2006 but received negative reviews. Ed Speleers played Eragon in the movie, while Rachel Weisz played Saphira, Jeremy Irons played Brom, and John Malkovich played Galbatorix.

Although it is currently unknown, it doesn’t appear likely that any of these will return for the series. After all, the movie received dreadful reviews and only made $250 million on an alleged $100 million budget. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie currently has a 16 percent approval rating. According to IGN’s own assessment, “all but the thickest and most diehard fans will undoubtedly be disappointed by the heavy-handed direction and bad adaptation of this half-decent, but derivative, fantasy novel.”

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The protagonist of Eragon is a farm boy who lives with his uncle and cousin before being abruptly swept away on an epic adventure when he discovers a dragon egg. and takes care of the new animal after it hatches .Before it was reissued in 2003, Paolini self-published the book Eragon in 2002. Eldest came next in 2005, followed by  Brisingr in 2008, and Inheritance in 2011. Since Disney was asked to revive the Eragon series in 2021 by the hashtag #EragonRemake, fans have been in favour of a remake.

Paolini will work as a co-writer on the next Eragon TV series. Alongside 20th Television, Bert Salke is on board as an executive producer. Although Paolini is rumoured to also be the showrunner, the programme is still in its early stages of development.